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AI-Enabled Automatic Hat Tipping Parrot

Tips my hat
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I like the idea of tipping my hat whenever a lady walks by, but can't be arsed. I want an Artificially Intelligent robotic parrot to sit on my shoulder, analyze each passer-by, and tip my hat for me should the passer-by be female.

edit: Stores the last 30 images to avoid tipping my hat over and over in the same conversation.
Voice, Jun 13 2007


       Would facial recognition be able to differentiate genders? Look at David Bowie. How would it tell the difference between a very feminine man and a very masculine lady?
punk_punker, Jun 13 2007

       If you can't be arsed, why d'you want to do it? Isn't a parrot (robotic or otherwise) on your shoulder something only a comedy pirate would want? I bet you don't even wear a hat - at last not one that would be appropriate for tipping (I'm talking Trilby, Homburg, deerstalker, bowler and so on). I'm not sure that tipping a back-to-front baseball cap counts - not that I'm suggesting that's what you wear.
Murdoch, Jun 13 2007

       When tipping a backwards facing baseball cap, does one tip the front of the hat, which is on the back of the head? Or does one tip the back of the hat, which is on the front of the head? And what if you wear your baseball hat sideways? And if I am wearing a propeller beanie is it acceptable to simply give the prop a spin?
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 13 2007

       A much better idea, [Treon].
pertinax, Jun 14 2007

       It would be cute if the parrot wore a hat too and had an even smaller (parakeet)? sitting on its shoulder.
phundug, Jun 14 2007

       //Artificially Intelligent robotic parrot//   

       Nah, have a budgie(one that is presumably alive and trained in negative-cross-recognition cuttlefish and gender identification.)Keep it inside your peek hole hat and let it flip it's beak or tail. [+]
skinflaps, Jun 14 2007


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