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a fashion generation machine

an input-output system with advanced neurological feedback looks that generate untold numbers of fashion forward ideas
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enter in your particular predalictions, enter out with a brand new outlook on life, the universe, and everything. Should be no bigger than 0x0x0
8o8, Sep 03 2015

krelniks help file http://krelnik.home...g.com/half_faq.html
It still makes sense. [bungston, Sep 03 2015]


       Ha- a newbie.... alas this idea won't do. See help file (it's over beside Meta) Bones may start to accumulate, but croissants will follow when you post something worthwhile that no one has ever thought of before within the rules of the halfbakery. This is not easy.
xenzag, Sep 03 2015

       When you get your prototype together, you should figure out how to incorporate it into a Project Runway sort of contest. Maybe each of the contestants have to use the your beast to get a starting direction. And then proceed to create something and are judged.
popbottle, Sep 03 2015

       //predaliction// Best 2 out of 3 ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 03 2015

       Dress for success and combustible birds.
LimpNotes, Sep 04 2015

       maybe the projeckt runway contest is the prototypde? xenzag, so cynical maybe you should get a little cyclical instead
8o8, Sep 05 2015

       From the help file //WIBNI - "Wouldn't It Be Nice If". The invention describes something widely known as desirable, but unobtainable, without giving any new clues as to how it could be done. Ideas that already occur in existing science fiction usually belong here - time travel, stopping time, flying cars, infinite resources, automatic real-time translation, truth-detection, mind reading, etc.//   

       This is your opportunity to be explanical.
xenzag, Sep 05 2015

       wut [x] was saying is that the site is for half-baked ideas which are feasible in some manner, which makes them interesting to read and think about; said manner up to the poster to post.   

       Frinstance this idea could have read   

       "Walk into the private booth and sit down in front of the screen. A low-intensity infrared scanner keeps track of the size of the customer's pupil dilation while they are shown clips and stills from a wide variety of fashion magazines. After a few minutes the customer walks out of the booth and is handed a bag containing what the system has chosen as being their new favorite outfit...   

       ... using a complex algorithm based on whatever's in stock with the highest profit margin and the customer's credit card limit."
FlyingToaster, Sep 05 2015

       The Welcome Wagon has speakith. I add my 1 cent, (halfbakery style), welcome. [8o8]. (By the way, when I was little I lived in a house at 808 S. MacArthur. I think you are following me.Scary huh?)
blissmiss, Sep 05 2015

       Share this bun with [FlyingToaster]
Voice, Sep 05 2015

       //The Welcome Wagon has speakith// Anc. Grmr: "hath spoken". There's no reason to restrict pedantry to modern English.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 06 2015

       arguably ", thus spake"
FlyingToaster, Sep 06 2015

       Whatever, [MaxwellBuchanan], tomatos, tomatoes...It's all good.
blissmiss, Sep 06 2015

       Quite so. I didn't mean to step on your tos.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 06 2015

       Such a system would evolve either out of or into a chartist stock-picking engine. []
pertinax, Sep 07 2015

       Just don't step on my two!
bungston, Sep 07 2015


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