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Clip-on Everything

Keeps you or it from falling down
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Much of the world has an ageing population, unsteady on its feet, but with more dangerous underwear than it knows what to do with.

What an unsteady world needs is Clip-on Everything -- clip-on underwear, clip on pants, complete with clip on socks. No one will ever have to step through a hole and into oblivion again.

Clip-on rant: My other recent idea included the solution for removing 20 billion tonnes of C02 from the atmosphere per year. The solution being...wait for it...moss. If that idea doesn't get a bun somewhere, it will be hurtful - to the world. Some might even say "You ruined my childhood"

4and20, Oct 29 2019


       After consideration, clip-on incontinence aids are unlikely to do well as a mass-market product but may have some limited sales with a certain category of purchaser.   

       The idea in general is not too bad but extensive R&D will be needed. Aficionadoes of some music genres will probably prefer R&B.
8th of 7, Oct 29 2019

       I rather like moss.
FlyingToaster, Oct 29 2019

       It's good to have interests, but moss isn't one that's going to make you the centre of attention at parties ...
8th of 7, Oct 29 2019

       I used to walk by a small, exclusively moss, lawn in one foreign country and linger as if it were a tourist attraction. It's more beautiful and soothing than a grass lawn and may even require less upkeep.
4and20, Oct 29 2019


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