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boutonnière dispenser

not to dispense boutonnières
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This is actually a dispenser to load items onto/into and dispense them singly.

Let me explain: A small,disc that can rotate, with slots or pockets to load with candy, cigarettes, pretzels or even pencils. I’m thinking cylindrical objects like these would work best. The disc gets loaded and then attached to the base through the buttonhole, just like a flower boutonnière. Now one has easy access to these items.

I pictured a cigarette smoker just being able to turn their head and grab a ciggie hands-free. Or eating pretzels hands-free...

xandram, Apr 18 2021


       Should incorporate a self-lighting mevhanism
pocmloc, Apr 18 2021

       This would be nice to have attached to my blazer. If someone would happen to ask for a sugary treat, I'd just say "help yourself to my stash". I like this.
blissmiss, Apr 19 2021

       Oh, alright. (+)   

       ...but you're just enabling now.   

       [poc] wouldn’t a self lighting Mechanism entail some Spontaneous combustion?
xandram, Apr 19 2021

       Can they be spring loaded so that they shoot out like a jack in a box?
xenzag, Apr 19 2021

       YES, xen.
blissmiss, Apr 19 2021

       Spring loaded pencils… Poke your eye out! Ha ha
xandram, Apr 20 2021

       //Can they be spring loaded so that they shoot out like a jack in a box?//   

       Yes, but after field tests, Q needed to dial back the spring force a bit as initial trials with agents resulted in a tragic loss of willing state's witnesses, resulting in a loss of several months of undercover work progress into the sport-coat gang.
RayfordSteele, Apr 20 2021

       [+] Actually, with a job with high reach, and cordless tools, reaching for a screw coming from a lapel or epaulette has an appeal.
wjt, Apr 22 2021


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