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AI Propaganda

Use IBM Watson technology to spread a "message"
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Social media tends to have a big impact because each message is tailored as a response to another message. It's much more meaningful than the one-sided conversation you might have with an advertisement on your television.

Proposed is an artificial intelligence algorithm that trolls social media and responds to all the tired memes. (I'm using "meme" here in its original meaning as an idea that spreads like a gene, not to refer to an image in a given artistic style.) The AI software would respond directly to the points made by the first poster.

My biggest fear in typing this idea out in the open is that I know very well that the political party to which I'm opposed is far more guilty of propaganda than my own.

kevinthenerd, Dec 11 2015

4:18 - https://www.youtube...watch?v=XRWxJiMM3Jg
Source of the best cow fight you'll ever see... [normzone, Dec 17 2015]


notexactly, Dec 15 2015

       I can call you Betty, and Betty when you call me, you can call me AI.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 15 2015

       " But isn't Betty a woman's name ? "
normzone, Dec 15 2015

       If you respond to and perk up the tired mimes they might escape their invisible boxes. And what then, I ask you? WHAT THEN??
bungston, Dec 16 2015

       //But isn't Betty a woman's name ?//   

       Oddly enough, no. "Betty" was once a male name in England (for instance, Betty Frothe the conspirator; or Bettie Oakes the alchemist). It comes from the old English "Bette", meaning thin or lithe.   

       It was only during the reign if Elizabeth I that "Beth" and its even more diminutive "Betty" became common contractions of "Elizabeth" (a name which, itself, was quite uncommon before that time). It's a bit like the way "Hilary" was a male name until Hillary Brooke became famous.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 16 2015

       Edith is a boys name.   

       Your clothes are red !
normzone, Dec 17 2015


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