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Sodium Pentathol ___ Political Party

Honesty in politics with the help of Eli Lilly & Co.
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Simply have one person in you political domain run for office on the promise that they will take polygraph tests and sodium pentathol sessions on whether they are revealing all of their actions and their motivations.

When the situation gets bad enough it will become necessary, if not too late. (sorry for the serious post, but you wouldn't try to understand my elevator shoe idea. :- ) You don't want me to put up a link to my crappy drawings of feet and shoes.

NotSoQuick, Sep 01 2003


       The subtext to the idea made me laugh. I thought that the major political parties in the US were already in bed with the drug companies!
Cedar Park, Sep 01 2003

       This is Dan Rather, and we're about to go live to the polygraph test of the resurgent Whig party cantidate Ralph Balasubramaniam.
Zimmy, Sep 06 2003

       [CP] You're thinking of Robert Downey Jr.
DeathNinja, Sep 06 2003


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