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The People's Giant Dice

Throw Dice to Represent Minority Parties Adequately
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The votes are in: 70 percent of the people want subsidized hats and 30 percent do not. In the past, that 30 percent was subject to the tyrrany of the majority, but now we have the People's Giant Dice. The votes are mapped to throws of the dice so that there is a 70 percent chance the subsidy goes through and a 30 percent chance that it does not. Then the dice are thrown.

This is a serious decision! If they were small dice, it would not be momentous enough. Also, the outcome could more easily be rigged, obfuscated, or contested. Do you re-roll the dice if they fall off the table? That kind of thing would be a boondoggle. That's why we have massive (hollow) steel cubes measuring about a kilometer in size, launched by very expensive rockets nearly into orbit and then allowed to devastate some tract of open country before coming to a decisive answer.

As an added benefit, the expense and destruction incurred would serve as a much-needed deterrent to future legislation.

It may be preferred, in the distant future, to throw the People's Giant Dice to the moon to avoid the sticky question of whether to reroll dice that land in the ocean.

Ketchupybread, Mar 03 2013


       It seems to me that a better use of the dice involves "who receives the subsidy". 70%, of course....
Vernon, Mar 03 2013

       Welcome back, [Ketchupybread].   

       This is an uninfallable idea. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 03 2013


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