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Public Realization Centre

A public area where panicked realizations are public.
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The Public Realization Center is a gazebo found in the atrium of various buildings where the public might be looking around questioningly. Members of the public empty backpacks or handfuls of paper onto the table as randomly as everyone can allow together. A security camera network that is accessible to everyone on the Internet observes the PRC to capture the moment that someone realizes something is public and they scramble to privatize the papers. It is for anyone who likes to appreciate and enjoy things going public.
rcarty, Dec 21 2014


       Maybe meet by custom everyday at high noon just to avoid wasting everyone's time.   

       Ash trays and suspicious looking free lance reporters from 1950's noir central casting hired to provide atmosphere ?   

       "So You Got A new gig? Yeah, I'm playing the part of a jaded reporter at the "Public Realization Theatre ahh errhh Centre". Does it pay well? No, but I get my face on the TV once and awhile. I hope to use the clips to help get a real acting job."
popbottle, Dec 21 2014

       Retarded concrete aggregations revolving one upper layer information construction machine.
rcarty, Dec 21 2014


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