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ATM Base Display Selection System

The alternative is just too depressing to consider!
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I sometimes feel horrified when I check my balance on an ATM machine... I think I've heard people say at some point...

The idea is that you'd be able to select a base to work in when you log into the ATM (why isn't it called logging in anyway?)...

This way, if you use it infrequenty enough to not adjust to the scale, you'll be pleased to see you've got lotsa cash... And you need not be embarrased as now your paranoia only tells you that other people can also see your wonderful wealth...

You'd need to pic a base over 2 or 3 though for the numbers you get to look convincing (note, this is only what you see... any numbers you enter will be considered in terms of base-10)...

Ossalisc, Mar 24 2004


       so you want to see your balance in binary or octal or some other non-base-10 system?   

       Say you're talking binary: if you have $500 in the bank, the display will show $111,110,011   

       to request a withdrawl of $20, you'd request $10100   

       Unless you're a real hardcore-and-proud-of-it geek, why would you want to do this to yourself?
Freefall, Mar 24 2004

       This should be more hard-core: you should select base *before* you enter your pin and all I/O from that point on would be in that base. So if I picked binary, I'd have to enter my PIN as 10010011110110 (for instance - ahem). Now how infuriting would that be for people behind me in the queue?
Nick Perry, Mar 24 2004

       Still doesn't change the fact that I'm broke as a joke. A major bank that I subscribe to does this to me all the time with overdraft fees. Asshats.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 24 2004

       [FreeFall] please read the last paragraph of the idea?
Ossalisc, Apr 03 2004


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