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ATM Usability Testing

Banks who advertise the quaility of their ATM and billing usability testing will get new customers.
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Checking accounts are valuable commodities ... they're the exact same product (debits, credits, fines) and lead to other lucrative cross-marketing blah blah blah for banks. Many ATMs are a pain in the ass or their statements are hard to scan. Advertise how usable your interfaces are and possibly increase your sales. Otherwise people will notice anyway over time [on second thought maybe people are lazy :) ]
sfitchet, Aug 07 2003


       I can often hack my way through any ATM menu in one pass. So as long as it has no usage fee, I don't care if it's like breaking into Fort Knox. But the lady in front of me obviously could use something simpler.
I'm just guessing, but the problem may be interface functionality vs. withdrawal fees. How much more will people pay for a fancier system?
Amos Kito, Aug 07 2003

       Good usability often means less fancy.
bristolz, Aug 07 2003

       ATMs should be (and in my mind are) a commodity item. They save the bank money in the long run, so why I should be charged anything is beyond me.   

       I guess if you don't like a particular ATM, don't use it. Get your friends not to use it. Get their friends not to use it. The bank will catch on sooner or later.
phoenix, Aug 07 2003


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