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ATM Theme

Have Spock or Britney ask for your ATM details
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Its about time the ATM was a bit more personalised, as when I insert my card I would like to be able to select from a range of themes, Startrek, Matrix, Big Lebowski, etc. So that I have Kirk, the Dude or a range of people from a selection of themes to ask me my pin no., how much cash I require and all those quirky noises.

So - Spock ask me my pin number in a stern looking pose, while Scotty comes up and says "I canny give ya na cash, yas dead broke laddy"

Right I will leave it up to the banks to implement this.. Could be a good way to get kids to get their own Credit Card, rank those profits right up....

Supercruiser, May 26 2003

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       I smell a service charge... (+) - I'd pay if it weren't too much, though.
Cedar Park, May 26 2003

       I want Dr. Evil to let me know I don't have enough money to make a withdrawal. That'd be fun "how 'bout.. NO, Pericles... mwhahahahah, mwahahahaha"
Pericles, May 27 2003

       Woiks fer me
thumbwax, May 27 2003

       "I'm sorry Dave..."
"Do you feel lucky, punk?"
phoenix, May 27 2003

       I've seen a commercial for a bank that portrays the 'other' bank's ATMs as HAL being uncooperative. They even use the red lens.
waugsqueke, May 27 2003

       I was thinking more along the lines when you fill out your form for your card you select, multimedia effects for your card, and then you select science fiction, tv, or music or whatever, but you only have a limited choice, its the banks that upload the theme to the machines, you just pick which themes in your range are available...   

       But obviously there would be no speech involved as you don't need Cartman telling the whole world that you have "No #!!#@ing cash!"
Supercruiser, May 27 2003

       jutta: Thats pretty good, that will be $20 dollars worth of withdrawls, and $250 fee for the papier mache and artwork thanks...
Supercruiser, May 27 2003

       Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider theme for me thanks...
Micky Dread, May 29 2003

       On pedestrian crossings in Japan, when the lights change to green they also play a little tune which, from my limited experience, seemed to be different at each crossing. At one particularly busy junction in Kyoto, they played something akin to a funeral dirge that gave me the definite feeling that it was saying 'cross now, if you dare.'

Expanding on jutta's anno slightly. ATM's should present your cash folded neatly into a selection of origami shapes.
DrBob, May 29 2003

       <Dr. E>"I would like to withdraw..... 1 million dollars!"
RayfordSteele, May 29 2003

       I would like my ATM to play the theme from SWAT.
waugsqueke, May 29 2003

       pretty litter DrBob? throw it my way.
po, May 29 2003

       In New York City, I think there's a stupid law that says taxi drivers have to buy $1000 chips that play very staticy recordings of celebrities saying "buckle your seat belt" , and every month they have to buy a new one because they expire. I think if ATMs start doing stuff like that, the banks will withdraw a surcharge every time it's played. Wouldn't you rather spend that money on a legal music download?
mr2560, May 30 2003

       B... E... A... Utiful!!! However the voices in the NY Taxi's are sometimes scary!!!
envy, May 30 2003

       I was thinking that those banks that can't afford to franchise off the big names can have all the shows that flopped, so when I insert my card I end up with 'Sea Quest', 'Bay Watch', or those other friends of Elaine's from Seinfeld... Those three other guys...
Supercruiser, Jun 01 2003

       This would be so incredibly cool. I'd try to withdraw, and the ATM would start screaming "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!..."
Detly, Oct 02 2003

       The Boatman's Bank on the Washington University campus in St. Louis used to have a voice that sounded eerily like Deanna Troi. The voice sounded like hers, and it had her weird cadence, except even more so. "THANG kyou! Please entah your see-crit NUMbah!"   

       It would have been worth a fair bit to make her go away. Croissant.
darksasami, Oct 17 2003


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