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ATM / Cash Machine Flyers

Inconvenience instead of a charge
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Cash machines could dish out compulsory flyers or adverts with your cash rather than charging you for the convenience of using a machine that does not belong to your bank. Wouldn't you rather be lumbered with two or three extra bits of paper rather than paying what may be up to a 25% charge on small withdrawals? The idea of being force-fed adverts rather than paying has been applied in many other fields, notably the web and TV.

Eventually banks may catch on and start feeding their own customers flyers, perhaps advertising their flexible mortgages or loans, but that wouldn't be for a while. There's also the problem of littering, but cash machines already churn out unwanted receipts, which the provided bins seem to deal with.

DRstrathmore, Aug 24 2003


       Most ATMs I've used have some sort of advertisement on display while you wait for you request to be processed. I don't know if they're designed to recognise customers from another bank and try to convert them, or anything like that. It seems a bit wasteful to print these out as well...
Detly, Aug 24 2003

       I use my debit card and get cash with it in most grocery stores around here. Just buy a six pack and get $40 cash back. I have not used an ATM in more than 2 years.
Warning: Debit charges with cash back really confuse kids who try to learn the concept of money and can it lead to embarrasment when making up explanations, "Mom, that man is stealing beer and the cashier pays him for it", "No my dear, the shop keeper pays him to take that swill the dumpster".
kbecker, Aug 25 2003

       Maybe you could just have a heap of annoying popups hit the screen, whenever you use someone elses bank..
Supercruiser, Nov 11 2003


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