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Uber style Spermbank

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a dating style phone app where egg and sperm donors hook up with recipients.the app could automate the legal form filling and whatnot. and deal only in "fresh" sperm and eggs to take storage and other middlemen out of the equation.

To avoid any confusion I dont suggest anty relationship to the uber service or anything there drivers are already doing. oI only use there name to describe the method of connection between client and service.

bob, Sep 30 2017

Related business model already in process - NSFW http://oglaf.com/cumsprite/
" Mistress - He was doing it ! "(first eight pages sum it up) [normzone, Oct 02 2017]

Uber Kittens https://www.uber.co...berkittens-is-back/
[mylodon, Oct 03 2017]


       I see a Craigslist ad: Biracial EGG seeks SPERM for international implant. Must be motivated, fast- swimmer. Apply in person at Randal's Adult Novelty, Hourly Drive-In, Live Bait, and Tackle, room 1.
RayfordSteele, Oct 01 2017

       There is already some uber deal where they bring you your takeout food. This could be along those same lines.   

       But there needs to be a method so the one uber adjunct is not confused with the other. An absolutely certain method. Maybe a klaxon of some kind.
bungston, Oct 01 2017

       You run into similar issues with their cat delivery. (linked)
mylodon, Oct 03 2017


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