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A Back Button

Well... why not?...
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I'm talking specifically about the "Best" list

It would be very easy to add a back button (well... no harder than adding a more button)... so why can't there just be one?... for a finished look at the very least?...

Ossalisc, Feb 26 2004

The whole smacker: http://www.physics....eum/pitchdrop.shtml
for [oxen] and others... [k_sra, Oct 04 2004]


       There's just no going back, is there, [Ossalisc]?
k_sra, Feb 26 2004

       Just going through my teens... don't want to relive them again - backwards!... enough to boggle the mind
Ossalisc, Feb 26 2004

       That's nice...
Ossalisc, Feb 26 2004

       k_sra, you think they (pitch viscosity) maintained a constant temperature for 50 years? Does it matter? I guess annotations to user profiles would help after all. Oss, delete this at will.
oxen crossing, Feb 26 2004

       Okay.. this may be cheeting but I'm going to blank this idea by voting for myself... anyway... where's the reason!?   

       // Grrr... and it's LIKE a sucker. (fishbones this idea in protest) //
Ossalisc, Feb 26 2004

Ossalisc, Feb 26 2004

       (Psst, [Ossalisc], this isn't really an idea, you know. It's just a non-idea waiting for an [mfd] tag.)   

       [oxen], they do list the average temperatures per month and the effect it had on viscocity. Apparently it sorta evens out over the eight years or so it takes for one drop to fall. See [link].
k_sra, Feb 26 2004

       y isn't it an idea?... carefully starts reading the [mfd] bylaws
Ossalisc, Feb 26 2004

k_sra, Feb 26 2004

       right... I've finished the rules regarding [mfd].. and can't see anything wrong with my idea?... *opens new window for pseudodictionary.com... hoping for puns aplenty*
Ossalisc, Feb 26 2004

       *saves pseudodictionary.com* under favourites... but is turned off by the colour scheme...   

       //possibly fitting into consumer advice - [Worldgineer] //   

       ^~> How?.. I'm not asking you guys to find anything for me... I'm asking for a "back" button on the "best" ideas page...?
Ossalisc, Feb 26 2004

       Oh right, best list...   

       And here I am pressing the back button on my browser like a sucker.
k_sra, Feb 26 2004

       Here's why not: because you don't need one. You have one on your browser. Having a back button won't look more finished, just more cluttered. Having a belly button on your back, though, might.
oxen crossing, Feb 26 2004

       that's a reason for disliking the idea... not [mfd]-ing it
Ossalisc, Feb 26 2004

       Yes, my bad. You will notice I didn't mfd it.
k_sra, Feb 26 2004

       :) I'm thankful...   

       Hey![Oxen]... it wouldn't look bad at all... and just to prove it to you I've drawn up an example of what it might look like... almost no change but it looks so much better (see link)
Ossalisc, Feb 26 2004

       [bad link-- now it bounces back here, before it just got a page not found error], and I didn't and won't m-f-d this, just answering your question "well, why not?"
oxen crossing, Feb 26 2004

       It doesn't bounce back for me... .. couldn't you just copy it into your address bar if it's causing problems?
Ossalisc, Feb 26 2004

       I'll have to find another place for it to go :(   

       How do you know it's my homepage?... I never said that?
Ossalisc, Feb 26 2004

       I was expecting some new way of attaching your clothing so as to prevent creep.....   

       I have as much fun being wrong as I do being right....maybe more.
normzone, Feb 26 2004

       I just set my views up to display the whole recent batch as my default, so's all I gotta do is click on the big obvious croissant icon to go back.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 26 2004

       //Is there any reason other than symmetry//   

       It is kind of asymmetric, now that you mention it... *starts twitching*
Detly, Feb 26 2004

       I don't understand why the author wants this. Back to where? And what's wrong with your browser's back button?
waugsqueke, Feb 29 2004

       to just complete the look?
Ossalisc, Apr 03 2004


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