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A table of all HB members ranked by the popularity of their ideas. Members with the most 2.5 bun ideas first followed by most 2 bun ideas etc. all the way down to most 2.5fish. I'm sure this must have been suggested before but I didn't find it.
simonj, May 14 2009

Batting average Batting_20average
Redundant with linked idea. Which I no longer think is good or interesting. [bungston, May 14 2009]


       a) It's not a competition
b) I lost lots of votes on my ideas in the Great HalfBakery Disk Crash of 2004
hippo, May 14 2009

calum, May 14 2009

       //I lost lots of votes on my ideas in the Great HalfBakery Disk Crash of 2004//

<Extreme Sarcasm> Yeah, riiiiight. </ES>
DrBob, May 14 2009

       I lost 2 incarnations, at least 100 ideas, several trillion dollars, and my way after the "Great Crash".
blissmiss, May 14 2009

       What the hell has buns and fishbones got to do with idea quality!?
Jinbish, May 14 2009

       what [Jinbish] said!
quality is in the eye of the beholder (not the bunholder!)
xandram, May 14 2009

       I was Spartacus before the Great Crash.
xenzag, May 14 2009

       well *love* is a bit strong.
po, May 14 2009

       Yeah, more like *awe* - as in 'shock and awe'.
Jinbish, May 14 2009

       Vagina jam is literally a work of art. Its purpose is to elicit fishbones, which would smell rather like the idea. I didn't delete "humane cow explosion" because it collected so many fishbones it made it special.
nineteenthly, May 14 2009

       I get the general vibe of these annotations, they are much as I had expected. But I gotta ask, in that case why have ratings at all? We have a list of top ideas, is it such a stretch for a list of top bakers?
simonj, May 14 2009

       its about ideas not USERS.
po, May 14 2009

       Why not make them anonymous then?
simonj, May 14 2009

       but we like to meet up and drink beer, silly!   

       hey Peter Silly <clink>
po, May 14 2009

       package deal. you get the po, with the bliss, with the jin and a cloud and ideas emerge.
blissmiss, May 14 2009

       There is only a slight correlation between the quality of an idea and the quantity of buns and bones it recieves. Stupid ideas often get lots of buns while sensible ideas get harsh criticism. And the number of people who even look at your idea is variable. It would be meaningless.
Bad Jim, May 14 2009

       /why have ratings all?/   

       Did you mean y'all? I would guess that the rating system exists as a form of satire and as a form of creative expression, to coin a phrase.
bungston, May 14 2009

       A bit like "Who's line is it anyway?" point system?
Ling, May 14 2009

       //its about ideas not USERS//
//Why not make them anonymous then?//

What? The ideas?

"Hey, I've got this great idea but I can't tell you what it is because I have to keep it anonymous!".

Nah! Wouldn't work.
DrBob, May 15 2009

       it would take some time, but one could cluster even anonymously posted ideas by length, content, semantics, syntax, lack or overabundance of commas. Consider identfying [Vernon]'s or [beanangels]'s ideas or [21_Quest]'s annos...
loonquawl, May 15 2009


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