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drop ideas from the best list

allow users to remove ideas from the best list
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A somewhat simple solution to the problem that the "best ideas" list keeps looking the same: Allow users to drop entries from it. Of course only from their individual view of it. This could be later built upon to create more sophisticated features like bookmarks and killfiles (in such an environment, users could choose to "drop & bookmark" or "drop & killfile" or "drop & do nothing else" ideas on the list, but the "drop & do nothing else" should suffice for now).

Of course, the list would always show 10 entries. If you remove one, a new one is added at the bottom. That way, good ideas would get maximum exposure without one idea getting endless exposure.

erik, Jul 18 2000


       Makes no sense. If the top ten list is going to look different for every user then it just turns into a "my personal top ten" list which is just a means of revelling in one's own prejudices.
hippo, Jul 19 2000

       IMHO, it makes a lot of sense. You could still have a universal top 10. But you would always be able to get a view of the most interesting ideas that you don't know. If you want to filter the Halfbakery for the stuff that you or someone else might actually implement, this seems to be the best way to go.   

       So what's your exact argument against it?
erik, Jul 19 2000

       I disagree, hippo. Seems that what we're after with this, Baked & Dumped, and Archive Halfbakery is a way to reduce accumulated clutter for individual readers. That's best served with individual filtering.   

       The Best list for me is a collective filter; now I want an individual filter on that. The Worst list would be most valuable for me if I could use it as easy input to my filter; for example, a "remove worst" form that has all the current Worst ideas with pre-checked checked boxes. Submitting it adds the checked ideas to my filter-out list.   

       When I think about it, the coolest collaborative stuff for me is a combination of collective opinion and personalization; that's why Firefly knocked my socks off when I first saw it, and collaborative filtering in general interests me. This ain't collaborative filtering, but it does have that good collective/personal combination.
syost, Jul 19 2000

       How about this very simple approach: Have two "top 10" lists. One universal list, and another one that displays the most popular ideas that the user has never interacted with (vote, annotation, link). The second option gives you a view of the most interesting ideas that you don't know. Should be dead simple to implement.
mar, Jul 19 2000

       Add whatever you want -- but don't nuke the current top 10 list. Did anybody notice the sudden surge of "Panic PIN" with 19 (+) votes? It's entirely possible to break your way into the top ten. If you want the top 10 to change -- come up with a really good idea.
eagle, Jul 24 2000

       The Mother of all "change the top ten list" ideas - can't help but note the "Panic PIN" reference above.
thumbwax, Nov 17 2002

       eagle I disagree, the top 10 get so much exposure by being the top 10 that obviously everyone that comes across these reasonable ideas adds a vote. Even if the "custard filled bumps" get 10000 votes it still just a halfbakery idea. For the members of halfbakery I think a topic is exhuasted after about 100 votes.
gamb, Aug 01 2004

       This is just penalising ideas which no-one can beat yet. The top 10 should be the most voted for. Whats the point of changing it?   

       Now adding another top ten which changes, (e.g a Weekly Top 10) is an idea. But don't remove the original.
Germanicus, Mar 05 2005


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