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A Dinner Date With Dracula

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My mother was recently taken for a week's holiday, courtesy of the local Lions club. A "Lion" was dutifully sent to collect, and subsequently return her from the destination of respite.

This made me consider the merits of a darker encounter:
A Dinner Date With Dracula.

Subsequent to receiving one's invitation, instead of a Lion, an appropriately costumed Bat would arrive to collect the lucky guest, who would be transported to a typically gothic location.

All guests would dine in the company of a convincing Dracula, their catering needs and dancing partners being provided for by an entourage of male and female vampires. On retiring to their rooms, the spooky theme would continue with various other nocturnal creepings, and goings on, in keeping with all the well known traditions of a 1960's British Hammer Horror film.

Visitors would have the subsequent honour of becoming Vampires, after having served some time as a Bat, but of course there would only ever be one Dracula.

xenzag, Jun 15 2008

Lions Club http://www.lionsclu...ent/lions_mem.shtml
...now with Bats [xenzag, Jun 15 2008]

Dracula's theme restaurants/dinner theatres http://www.draculas.com.au/
Spine-tingling mispunctuation! [jutta, Jun 15 2008]

Dracula has a moon base http://drmcninja.co...pageNum=18&issue=11
Elvis and Bruce Lee are there also [normzone, Jun 15 2008]


       And have the puncture wounds to match .
wjt, Jun 15 2008

       Bloody marvellous ..... [+]
8th of 7, Jun 15 2008

       Mmmm, garlic.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 15 2008

       I'd go out with Vampirella. [+]
jaksplat, Jun 15 2008

       Maybe that unnecessary apostrophe is actually an eye tooth.
xenzag, Jun 15 2008

       If you really wanted this to be interesting you would make it a BREAKFAST date. . .you know how vampires feel about daylight. . .
Moonguy, Jun 15 2008

       Something tells me he would stand up halfway through, mumble something about a coffin and forgetting his cape at the cleaners and just vanish.
daseva, Jun 15 2008

       If you invite them into your house, doesn't that render you completely helpless?
Bad Jim, Jun 17 2008

       No, that's Mormons, isn't it ?
8th of 7, Jun 17 2008


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