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Theophilus Branestawm Theme Park

A park to celebrate a master of mechanics and a doctor of dynamics
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Upon entering through the entrance arch, constructed of oddities including safety pins and spectacles, you are greeted by Mrs Flittersnoop offering tour guides and serving tea, lemonade and cake.

You take the green path towards Colonel Dedshott of the Catapult Cavaliers (a very brave gentleman who never missed a train) He stands proud in his full dress uniform,plumed hat, long boots and sword, proudly displaying many jangling medals upon his chest.

The Colonel spins his head and stabs his sword in the general direction of the the first amusement.

The multi bucket seat pulley harness, puzzle frame.

A large four legged swing type structure with four positioned bucket pedal seats attached via pulleys and chains to the upper horizontal bar.

Each visitor sits and straps themselves within a bucket seat and starts to pedal.Each seat is connected to a series of pulleys, cogs, gears and weights.As pedalling ensues, the frame 'rattles and squerkes' each person is unexpectedly moving another person about the frame.

With all four visitors now being swung and swayed at different angles, up and down and sideways, the puzzle begins, on who pedals when it's time to bring everybody to the ground.

Once the puzzle is solved, it's time to move onto The Pagwell Fire station cartwheel machine, then home for more tea.

skinflaps, Jan 14 2005

A potato peeler of sorts. http://members.chel...rnstwm/potatoes.htm
[skinflaps, Jan 14 2005]

(?) Branestawm http://www.bloomsbu...ress.asp?ITPW_id=88
Interesting,though very little is on the Interweb regarding, Norman Hunter. [skinflaps, Jan 14 2005]

The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm http://www.bbc.co.u...rofessor-branestawm
BBC iPlayer. Only viewable in the UK, sadly. [DrBob, Dec 26 2014]


       Only here could we have a 'culture: theme park: book' category.
RayfordSteele, Jan 14 2005

       I think it's a pretty cool category.
skinflaps, Jan 15 2005


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