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Choose Your Own Adventure Theme Park

It's a Choose Your Own Adventure Theme Park
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We all remember the great books from the 80's/90's, so there's no use explaining. I am proposing a theme park (or simply attraction within the park) that is modeled after choose your own adventure.

You walk through the entrance and get a storyline. You are then given a choice of two doors. One might immediately point out that the choice of doors will get infinitely great. Before you start putting rice on your chess board, consider:

Some choices end fairly soon. Some choices continue several steps without another choice. Some choices meet up again after going through an alternate story line.

So the dynamics really needn't be that great. For compactness or larger situations, a multi-story complex might help. One choice would require you to enter an elevator and push one of three buttons. 1 goes up, 2 goes down, 3 opens the opposite door.

Some rooms or areas could also have a robotic or live cast. Depending on which button you press, a specific scene will play out. One or another door then opens to lead to the next room or scene.

Unfortunately some of those adventures end in your death. This might be bad business for your theme park (to be read, no repeat customers). Several things could happen in this case. You might take a door that leads through a corridor and to the outside (adventure over, go wait in the horrifically long line again). Or you might enter a room where, once the door shuts, all the lights turn off and you are left in utter darkness for several minutes (or until you grope about and find the other door which leads to the outside).

Backtracking is impossible as all doors have no pulls on the inside. The new scene does not light up until the door latches. The door locks until the opposite door is activated and shut, thereby keeping someone from coming in the room and letting you backtrack. It also allows the adventure to be uniquely yours. Only one choice of doors will open at a time. You cannot therefore take a gander at both choices and make a decision based upon what's in the room. To avoid the confusion of thinking a choice is unavailable, lights above the door could be red when a room is occupied and green when it empties.

This would make for several enjoyable adventures within one attraction unlike Space Mountain which is SO predictable after the first go. Programming could be changed every month to accommodate different story ideas. "I went through the bubonic plague pandemic adventure!" "I went through the Autobahn mugging adventure!" "I went through the goatherding adventure!"

bdag, Nov 03 2009




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