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A Figure '8' Test Track Cycle & Track.

Testing a Car is a multidisciplinary and personal 'profession'.
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To unify and make more simple to evaluate, a figure '8' test track for cars and trucks/busses, should be applied.

The start and end point is determined to be at the center, at the intersection of the two (or more, various diameters/radiuses' -) circles.

A direction is chosen, and the car is accellerated to it's maximum power capability, following the circular path, of the diameter chosen/selected/specified.

Two modes of testing are then present : One going for the full track figure '8' form, crossing the central intersection at speed, and alternating the direction of curvature of the trajektory (steering around to the other side), at speed.

The other, testing the braking ability as well, to take the tested vehicle to a full stop at the start/stop point in the center of the figure '8', and then accellerating again to the max, in the opposing circle of the figure '8' track.

Note : The local race track here in Modena, Emilia, Italy, in what's now been named 'Parco Enzo A. Ferrari', ie. 'Ferrari's Park', was indeed shaped as a figure '8'. Only, it was used for competition racing purposes !!, - I have no info on the ways the competitors decided as to who would have priority, upon meeting another opposing direction driver, at the intersection in the center,,,....,.,.

The proposed idea is, hence, a track of more diameters, as to test a spectrum of velocities, and sideways G- forces, AND the two modes of either speeding through the center, or braking, and re-accellerating.

sirau, Jun 04 2011

VW Beetle vs. 911 Turbo PORSCHE,.. http://www.topgear....series-16-episode-1
- and the Beetle wins !!!!!!!!!! (one 'g' accelleration, vertical vs. horizontal). [sirau, Jun 04 2011]

The 'Top Gear' test track. http://www.bbc.co.uk/topgear/track/
Figure of 8 as requested. Well ... 8-ish. There's a crossover in the middle at least. [DrBob, Jun 04 2011]


       Idea inspired by 4x4 magazine's ground-clearance 3D ellipzoid's, of which obstacle geometry can be overcome by a tested vehicle design lay-out.   

       The simplicity of geometry forms, taken as a tool in real-world Product test.
sirau, Jun 04 2011

       A comment :   

       As to fuel economy, constant speeds could be applied, instaed of max bore all-out at-the-brink- of-slide racing speeds.   

       The simplest check sums results would be : Autonomy at Given Speed (from full to empty tank capacity), and, derived from this : Specific Mileage Curve, ie. autonomy devided by tank capacity, as it depends on the achievable constant speeds.   

       A simplistic test, which wouldn't apply to the newest 'Start-Stop' feature generation market offerings, would be simply to let the engine run at stand-still, at idle speed, and let it slowly sip up the entire tank content. This would verify city driving cooling aspects (over heating conditions), and could be a seperate test, to be carried out in the 'Death Vally' round, which is, I belive, a standard part of all manufacturers material and systems check of their new launches.
sirau, Jun 05 2011

       [DrBob] :   

       Yep, the Top Gear famous track is a near figure '8' - also the Japanese 'SUZUKA', and the City of Fiorano situated, Ferrari owned, 'FIORANO', has central 'cross-sections', with tunnels.   

       My idea, to simplify driving the car, would be to have perfect circular slope of the curve'. This eliminates transient responce testing/differences, as the car would just go at a staedy sideways 'g' condition, determined by the specific curvature (differrent circles available), and the forward motion linear velocity.   

       Eliminating transient response, would make it feasible as a Automotive Engineering student's excercise, in regular linear math calculations, of determining a theoretical reference point, in several fields of the (future) proffession : Fuel economy (energy consumbtion, aerodynamics, tire and bearings/transmission efficiencies, power and efficiency curves of the engines, (steady-state)), but also : Suspension angle's, Tire adhesion & wear.   

       A tunnel in the center would be an advancement, relieving the 'who gets there first'/crashes problematics.   

       Possibly the 'tunnel'(/'tunnels') could be stacked, as to allow both directions round the '8' to be driven in the tests.
sirau, Jun 05 2011

       Sorry, stacking is a complex 3D escapists solution,.. Just center lines on the which-ever on-top tunnel '8' shape, would allow opposing directions.
sirau, Jun 05 2011

       Where do I put the skidpad, the flat space of pavement where we test things like slalom maneuvers?   

       Where do we test uphill gradeability, braking on washboard surfaces, dissimilar friction surfaces, trailer tow max speeds, etc?   

       Fuel economy is tested usually on a rolls dyno platform with emission sampling equipment to measure fuel used. Aero is done in much more predictable environments. Engine power curves are done on dynos.   

       Prototype vehicles cost a gazillion dollars each, as does testing them and arranging to do so. Much of the testing is done upstream to reduce production cycle times, with the on-track tests serving largely as confirmation only.
RayfordSteele, Jun 05 2011

       Sorry, the title's 'Testing' could be taken as 'Verification', in a manufacturers perspective. The 'Testing' is meant as the real-world dramas of letting the motor journalist press rep's fling the cars around (as well as a consideration towards simple, engineering college, suspension angles and vehicle performance linear calculations).   

       The varying diameter double-dual-circular test track, is essentially the same as two mirrored test track skid pads, placed outer radiusses aligned, !!, the adhesion ability of the car is tested as part of the full throttle round-about test.
sirau, Jun 05 2011


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