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Bouncy blackspots

Tyres save lives
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Tyres are presumably recycled into those soft, bouncy bits of playground that prevent our children from being brought up by the school of hard knocks whence we adults benefitted. Also presumably, there are insufficient tyres to pave a country's highway system entirely in bounciness. However, there are also accident blackspots where people frequently emerge at speed and in an unplanned manner from vehicles and sustain undesirable body modifications incompatible with life or health (unless you're J G Ballard).

My proposal is to pave those small areas and the associated street furniture, such as litter bins, railings and bridge supports, with recycled tyres instead of tarmac, concrete and other unforgiving surfaces, thus reducing injury should accidents occur. The road surface would still have to be firm enough to support traffic, but even it could be made softer, and non-horizontal surfaces more so.

Then there are hovercraft of course.

nineteenthly, May 16 2008

Would you like to come back to my place bouncy-bouncy? http://www.signatur...sq5MCFRdinAodEC2xcg
Prior art demonstrates that soft railings are safer. Not necessarily for flying persons, but still preferable to concrete. [Amos Kito, May 16 2008]


       I am J G Ballard, and I want a bouncy black hovercraft.
Amos Kito, May 16 2008

       //there are also accident blackspots where people frequently emerge at speed and in an unplanned manner from vehicles//   

       I think wearing a seatbelt is better.
sninctown, May 16 2008

       Yes, but people still cross roads without wearing seatbelts.
nineteenthly, May 16 2008

       With hovercraft, the problem is often that people exit roads at speed with large masses of vehicle following suit beneath them.
ye_river_xiv, May 18 2008

       Interesting use of the word "often" there.
nineteenthly, May 18 2008

       And correct ...... hovercraft don't do corners well .....
8th of 7, May 18 2008

       Things don't happen to hovercraft often because they don't happen often themselves.
nineteenthly, May 18 2008


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