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A Ghost of a Touch Backrub Machine

A little to the left...
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Ahhh! Perfect!

I love backrubs. They are wonderful. Unfortunately, sometimes when you want one, there is noone around to give you one, except maybe your landlady, and you dont want to ask her for one.

Instead, get the A Ghost of a Touch Backrub Machine!

Slip your hands into the gloves, sit down on the bench, and reach out.

The arms of the Ghost mimic your movements perfectly, with hands made of material that feels like a real hand. Tactile feedback in the gloves as well as your nerves in your back ensure maximum control.

So sit back and give yourself a nice back-massage!

DesertFox, Sep 21 2005

Shiatsu Over Internet Protocol SOIP
Feel free to copy the software [DF} [ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 22 2005]

Chindogu Back-Rub T-Shirt http://sulafo.e-mer...chindogu/tshirt.htm
Use this as a mapping template to direct the Ghost towards the neediest areas on your back. [jurist, Sep 22 2005]

my Creature Scratcher Creature_20Scratcher
there's an illustration, but not the same idea as DF's [dentworth, Sep 22 2005]

Pantograph http://www.ies.co.j...eo/panta/panta.html
It's behind you! [zen_tom, Sep 29 2005]


       If someone could do an illustration, please?   

       OH, and can anyone find a better category?
DesertFox, Sep 21 2005

       Better category for you: health: massage
Machiavelli, Sep 21 2005

       Ahh thanks! Why didnt I think of that?   

       Im still a bit frazzled.
DesertFox, Sep 21 2005

       Set it up with memory capability, so you can run through once and save it, then play it back and relax completely during the massage. I'd buy one.
normzone, Sep 21 2005

       I love back //Graffa's// too! Hmmm...   

       Sounds a bit like it could be implemented by one of those multi-storey window cleaning kits... The ones that have very powerful magnets on them (you clean the inside, it cleans the outside) - only the 'inside' would be a mouse-shaped thing with a roller or something that you roll about your chest, and 'outside' would be a big bristly brush or roller-thing on your back! [Probably not recommended to any pace-maker users out there]
Dub, Sep 22 2005

       will it give neck rubs? ;)   

       UB in your case, your son at 35 will probably still be good for your vertebrae...
po, Sep 22 2005

       I take this as a proof that you are cured DF! [+] for the brilliant idea
ixnaum, Sep 22 2005

       I could see this being use by people to auto-asphyxiate themselves... or to self-gratify themselves :)   

       So it's really many inventions in one... I would use this to play keyboard from another room... [+]
Danzarak, Sep 22 2005

       I picture this as an 1800’s creation, filling an entire room with levers, cables and pulleys surrounding a padded table. A satisfied customer with eyes closed and a serene grin is pictured using it in the b&w single page flier.
Shz, Sep 22 2005

       Yes, ixnaum! I am cured! Hooray!
DesertFox, Sep 22 2005

       What if the ghost hates your guts, and ends up breaking what he should be soothing....
Andulvar, Sep 28 2005

       Just remember, you control the machine, tactile feedback prevents too much force.   

       Though being haunted by a BENEVOLENT backrub machine might be nice...
DesertFox, Sep 28 2005

       //Though being haunted by a BENEVOLENT backrub machine might be nice...//   

       If only.
k_sra, Sep 28 2005

       Inspired, and yes, like one of those drawing thingys that copies things, only smaller, or the same, or bigger - No, not a spirograph, the levery thing!
zen_tom, Sep 29 2005

       are you thinking of a pantograph?
dentworth, Sep 29 2005

       Yes, I've just been looking it up, and yep that's precisely what I was thinking of.
zen_tom, Sep 29 2005


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