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A Push-Brite Wall

like a big "Lite-Brite" but not exactly...
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Again bit more art project than invention but...

I've always wanted to fill a wall with those cheap round push lights <link>. I saw them at a local dollar store and bet I could source in bulk for .50 cents each or less. Add those 16-for-a-dollar "Dinacell" batteries, and you'd be good to go filling a 10x10 ft wall for about $225.

Fun click-n-change light patterns; your name, geometric shapes--whatever your whim dictates--up in lights, on the relative cheap. Add color cellophane under plastic cap for even more interest.

Cool for kids room (eh, or mine).

Update inspired by Ling:
Since, in the case of children, high lights would be inaccessible, supply "pinky" ball or other "hard enough to turn on light, but soft enough not to crack plastic" ball. Kids could throw the ball at the lights to turn them on/off. Or create a lit bulls-eye patterns to take turns aiming to turn off light for points.

I think this would be great for the development of kids' creativity and large-motor skills. (Not to mention confidence through effecting one's environment)

Zuzu, Nov 17 2005

(?) Push light http://www.acehardw...ht--pi-1346104.html
[Zuzu, Nov 17 2005]

(?) Lite-Brite http://www.hasbro.c...tebrite/default.cfm
[Zuzu, Nov 17 2005]

(?) Those Crazy Dinacells http://www.consumer...about-our-tests.htm
Ok, so they "ooze acid", big whoop. [Zuzu, Nov 17 2005]

(?) Take your pick http://www.alibaba....rch/Push_Light.html
Order directly from China? [Ling, Nov 17 2005]


       I agree, this would be good for the kids to play with. Instead of hundreds of batteries, use a common 6V power supply and wire it up to all of them.   

       There are also square illuminated pushbutton switches used in industry, but obviously more expensive. They can be packed next to each other in a matrix, and are smaller.   

       I pondered about how to select one of three colours, and can only think of ways that add expense and complexity. Probably the best of the worst would be to have a momentary switch which causes an electronic circuit to cycle through Red, Blue, Green and off.   

       Another idea would be to have a magnet-on-a-stick and reed switch combination.   

       Yet another would be to have a laser pointer which activated a light-sensitive switch adjacent to the light (shielded). Multiple sweeps of the pointer could cycle the colour. That way, the kids could reach the uppermost lights with ease, and could lie in bed, doodling.   

       None of these ideas beats your basic and neat solution, of course.
Ling, Nov 17 2005


       Build it, photograph it, post it. This will look cool.
wagster, Nov 17 2005

       Thanks [Ling], agreed, wiring would be much better. I like the pointer for bed doodling...   

       Imagining "Hey, alright now, I can see you guys doodling up there--Time for bed!" as lights flicker from cracks in door.   

       [wagster] Yup, if I do, I certainly will. :)
Zuzu, Nov 17 2005

       Wow, I would totally want one of these, especially around Christmas.
PollyNo9, Nov 19 2005


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