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Colorform Wallpaper

Removable, adjustable wall covering
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Using the technology of Colorforms, one would be able to rearrange the ambiance and atmosphere of the living area on a day-to-day basis. Available in nature, classic cartoon, and 3-D scenes.

Imagine what Trekkies could do with this, as well.

bpslob, Jun 28 2000

Is this a trademark? http://www.ticktock...enet.com/alien.html
Not "sim" . . . "simufon" [reensure, Jun 28 2000]


       Sounds pretty cool. My sister's kid has a playroom withplastic wallpaper and little figures that stick to it. Sort of like what you said.
verobay, Jul 12 2000

       When I worked for "a leading American textile company," we came very close to commercializing a fabric wall"paper" border that I invented. It was printed to coordinate with the bed sheets, drapes, etc. in the room, and was coated on the back with a repositionable, pressure sensitive adhesive to make installation and removal easy and clean.
beauxeault, Jul 12 2000

       Beauxeault, any chance that we may still see this repositionable border on the market? It sounds like a great idea, as I could paint a room one basic neutral color and then change the whole look of the room whenever whimsy struck.
dana_renay, Aug 24 2001

       That definitely sounds cute ... I can imagine kids playing with stuff like that and eating it though. Oh well.
LaLaLaLola, Aug 31 2001


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