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A cacophony of lies

Swarm drones and deceive people with them.
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This type of drone would chiefly be designed to be small and inexpensive to allow mass deployment. It would also be as hard to see as possible. Its payload would be a small computer and a speaker. Optionally it could be designed to land, eject from the rotor assembly, and move itself several feet in any direction. The computer would run a program to do the following:

-Listen to nearby voices. -Build a voice profile for the most commonly heard voice. -Select the closest voice to that profile from a stored list of voice samples. -Play sound samples appropriate for spreading confusion. In a naval atmosphere this would include things like "man overboard!", "close that hatch!", standard shipboard alarm noises, the sound of a leaky pipe, "fire!" and "We're in condition 3 yellow".

Alternatively they could simply play loud noises, insults, and intermittent beeps.

If enough of them are spread widely enough and hard enough to see it will significantly degrade the performance of the unit under attack until they take the time to destroy them one at a time. It can be used without ever quite constituting firing the first shot of a battle.

Voice, Jul 03 2015


       Oh it's a military thing. I thought it was for evil self amusement.
caspian, Jul 04 2015

       Explains current Republican strategy with the sheer number of drones running for office.
RayfordSteele, Jul 04 2015

       I make it a rule never to phone flies. Their connection always seems buzzy.
RayfordSteele, Jul 07 2015


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