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A cup *of* Coffee

A poor choice of material for a cup
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The dissolved solids in a cup of coffee can be re- crystallised by evaporation. The dry residue is either a coffee stain or instant coffee, depending on how you got there (and why). But a vaguely amorphous perhaps semi- crystalline dark brown solid. If you started with a coffee-cup shaped mould cavity, and repeated the process of [fill with coffee] - [evaporate off water], after enough repetitions, you would have filled the cavity with dark brown coffee evaporite.

Then remove from the mould, and you have a coffee cup, made of coffee.

This is just a curio. Because it would definitely not be a good idea to fill it with boiling water, splash of cream and a spoonful of sugar, and stir briskly. So don’t do that.

Frankx, Oct 06 2021

Bean on Tv https://youtu.be/PueaR1LM95k
Not a mockumercial, really. Is it? [reensure, Oct 10 2021]


       Easier to pour coffee into the mould and freeze.
pocmloc, Oct 06 2021

       Hmm, a portion of ground coffee, spoonful of sugar and a dash of cream all precombined and frozen into an attractive cube. The proverbial "one lump" would then be everything but the water.
whatrock, Oct 06 2021

       Certainly easier [pocmloc], but it wouldn’t achieve the desired ability to re-constitute into liquid coffee with hot water. A “frozen coffee” mug would yield a weak, lukewarm liquid that would barely qualify as coffee. And it would freeze your lips as you sipped it. Before it melted and dumped a puddle in your lap.   

       So I think you’ll agree, mine is better in that it’s entirely impractical, poorly thought-out, badly executed, and probably dangerous.
Frankx, Oct 06 2021

       You could use the frozen coffee mug for drinking vodka
pocmloc, Oct 06 2021

       Asking unsuspecting people if they wanted a cup of coffee and then giving them one of these would be momentarily hilarious
hippo, Oct 06 2021

       //The dissolved solids in a cup of coffee can be re- crystallized by evaporation.//   

       The difference between that and actual coffee (what constitutes an actual coffee seems a topic of infinite debate) is partly/undissolved solids and volatiles. What we need is an extract of the volatiles, using something like difluoroethane. Supply in a pressurized can, like canned air, and spray at the coffee. The solvent flashes off in a moment and there you go.   

       //yield a weak, lukewarm liquid that would barely qualify as coffee.//   

       Business empires are based on this very principle.
bs0u0155, Oct 06 2021

       I reckon if you compressed instant coffee granules into a suitable mould under enough pressure you'd then be able to break out a coffee mug pretty much straight away.
Then you wouldn't need the large number of fill/evaporation cycles.
Loris, Oct 06 2021

       If you were to concentrate only the oily solids, you may be able to product a hydrophobic cup of coffee. Could be suitable for iced coffee, if the boiling water and stirring liquefied the oils.
Condiment, Oct 06 2021

       The next thing you know, someone will propose making two of them...
RayfordSteele, Oct 06 2021

       Ahh. That’d be Two Cups of Coffee. Legendary.   

       But two of these would be Two Cups *of* Coffee. Entirely different.
Frankx, Oct 06 2021

       Can I set it on my 'coffee table'?
AusCan531, Oct 07 2021

       You might have a coffee break if its not structurally sound.
pocmloc, Oct 07 2021

       Thoroughly baked as per product in link. It happens.
xenzag, Oct 07 2021

       [xenzag] - maybe I'm reading the wrong link.   

       The Kaffeeform cup is made of plant fibers, used coffee grounds, wood grains, and biopolymers - entirely different from what I'm proposing.
Frankx, Oct 07 2021

       And if you do have a coffee break, you'll be needing a coffee fix.
pocmloc, Oct 07 2021

       + Take this croissant to have with a cup of coffee.Thanks for turning coffee into art!
xandram, Oct 07 2021

       //If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate//   

       Ha! Very good.   

       … are you a chemistry teacher by any chance?
Frankx, Oct 08 2021


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