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Best Peruvian Brew*

Grind Lima beans and pour water over them
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Make sure the Lima beans are properly roasted, first!

*That's what the advertising claims, of course. But what sort of "best" is not defined....

Vernon, Oct 29 2011

mate de coca http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mate_de_coca
[xandram, Oct 30 2011]

Lemur http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemur
[DrBob, Nov 01 2011]


       Who is this terse person, and what has he done with [Vernon]?
pertinax, Oct 29 2011

       With the addition of the footnote, no longer (solely) a pun. The adverts should say "Naturally Caffeine Free !!!" But needs a Food:Evil category.
mouseposture, Oct 29 2011

       The purpose of this Idea is to be the Best (even if means "most hideous") distortion of a classic bit of the HalfBakery, while also qualifying as a halfbaked invention. See, [jutta] never specified that the beans used to make coffee had to be coffee beans, and so that's why I felt free to use this category for this Idea.
Vernon, Oct 29 2011

       There's a long dishonorable tradition of making coffee-beverage without coffee-beans.
mouseposture, Oct 29 2011

       Chicory... bleh!
swimswim, Oct 29 2011

daseva, Oct 29 2011

       No, this is just the _beginning_ of a recipe... For really bad moonshine.
Alterother, Oct 29 2011

       A [Vernon] post that I finished! [+]
wagster, Oct 29 2011

       A [Vernon] post that I started! [ ]
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 29 2011

       What? Nobody's mentioned yet that Navy coffee should be made from Navy beans?
Vernon, Oct 30 2011

       And just in time for Halloween, organic coffee, brewed with freshly harvested organs.
swimswim, Oct 30 2011

       I think he meant to grind coca leaves and pour water on them for the best Peruvian Brew.
(see link) but then it's a recipe...
xandram, Oct 30 2011

       [xandram], no, read the footnote in the main text. Lima beans are correct, for this Idea!
Vernon, Oct 30 2011

       I've been studying my Indonesian, and it must be working. I read this as "Grind 5 beans and pour water on them".   

       Just to add to the confusion.
baconbrain, Oct 31 2011

       OH LEEMA, not Lima...
xandram, Oct 31 2011

       For what it's worth, Lima in Peru is pronounced "leema" (as is the Indonesian word for 5). Lima in Ohio is pronounced "lyma", as in lima beans.   

       (I stopped in Lima, Ohio, and asked the girl behind the counter how to pronounce the name of the place. She said, "Burger King".)
baconbrain, Oct 31 2011

       [baconbrain], I'm not arguing with the pronunciations you mentioned (see a dictionary). However, If you called Lima beans "leema beans", do you think the average person would not know what you are talking about? (Before they attempt to correct your pronunciation, of course!) I think they would know what you are talking about. This Idea needs no modifications, therefore!
Vernon, Oct 31 2011

       As I said, "For what it's worth". I have no beans to grind. [ ]
baconbrain, Oct 31 2011

       OK, I can't stand it any more. COFFEE IS NOT MADE FROM BEANS! It's just a colloquialism reflecting the fact that the seeds of the coffee berry are very vaguely shaped like beans; but not really, if you actually know what shape beans and coffee seeds are.
spidermother, Oct 31 2011

       [spidermother] how do you pronounce "Van Gogh?"
mouseposture, Oct 31 2011

       FTTMM. To rhyme with loch, of course.
spidermother, Oct 31 2011

       That's using the old bean.
baconbrain, Nov 01 2011

       [spidermother], all beans are either seeds or contain seeds (we eat pods of "green beans" mostly because they are more edible than other seed pods). I can agree that not all seeds deserve to be called "beans", and perhaps seeds of coffee plants shouldn't have been one of them.   

       Nevertheless, since they are called "beans", and since the little bit of HalfBakery lore being parodied here is about beans.....
Vernon, Nov 17 2011


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