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A slightly early farewell

Indelibly [marked-for-expiry]
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My dear fellow Halfbakers, I find myself in a tricky situation, socially speaking. Bear with me.

(I don't mean there's a bear with me - that would indeed be tricky.)

A couple of weeks ago, I got a diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer (stage V being cremation). Clearly, they were serious when they said smoking can damage your health. Being a geek and an optimist, I'd been counting on science and luck to ensure that I was one of the 2% of people who live for 5 years post-diagnosis.

Unfortunately, to paraphrase emperor Hirohito, there have been developments not entirely in my favour. My kidneys are somewhat buggered, and I've got blood clots on my one remaining "good" lung. Those factors mean that any form of treatment for the cancer itself would probably shorten rather than lengthen my life. (I know, I'm rambling, but bear with me a little longer.)

Upshot of all this is that, barring an almost-literal miracle, I'll be around for an unknown time between a week and a very few months. If it's "a very few months", then clearly this posting is embarrassingly premature. But if it's a week, I don't want to miss my chance to say goodbye.

So, I'll say goodbye now and then probably hang around for a while.

I've spent more time here, by far, than anywhere else online. In fact, I've spent more time here than I've spent with any one person outside of my immediate family over the last decade-and-a-bit. (The observant amongst you may be aware that I was here under a different guise even before then.) Although I've never met any of you physically, I've always considered this place (and, by extension, all of you) part of my "home". So, thanks to all of you and, of course, to [jutta] herself for building this asylum.

I've had various spats and tiffs with some of you over the years, I know. My apologies - life is too short for spats and tiffs.

I think that's about all I wanted to say for now. As mentioned, I will probably be around for 1-to-12 weeks or so (which will be embarrassing), but I might leave unexpectedly before then. If so, keep calm and carry on halfbaking.

MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2020

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Principles of cryopreservation https://www.ncbi.nl...gov/pubmed/18080461
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Cryonics Institute https://www.cryonics.org/
[Voice, Feb 08 2020]

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Non-small-cell lung carcinoma https://en.wikipedi...cell_lung_carcinoma
According to the MWI every person who hears about [MaxwellBuchanan]'s disease come up with a cure and his life is saved. Wikipedia seems like one place to start, although the thoughful person might research curing his "atypical" cancer features first. [beanangel, Feb 11 2020]

spare parts for stunted babies' lungs https://www.ncbi.nl...rticles/PMC2876978/
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[pertinax, Feb 11 2020]

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A journal article about senolytics that mention one, navitoclax that works on lung fibroblasts https://www.ncbi.nl...rticles/PMC5641223/
[beanangel, Feb 19 2020]

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Targetted testing of stage 4 lung cancer 2 case study videos [4and20, Feb 19 2020]

1 complete recovery https://www.ncbi.nl...rticles/PMC3764732/
Time to see India [4and20, Feb 20 2020]

Anticancer P53 gene turned back on in [MB]'s exact kind of cancer https://www.pnas.org/content/100/23/13303
This 9 met peptide can be synthesized cheaply online if you can get the sequence [beanangel, Feb 20 2020]

How to get that chili to Max. Grandma_27s_20Chick...round_20The_20Globe
[doctorremulac3, Feb 20 2020]

IARC TP53 database http://p53.iarc.fr/
all the hellz there is to report on the most common oncogene [reensure, Feb 22 2020]

Ron's Liquor https://en.wikipedi...alk%3APitcher_plant
Ron is the keeper of our monkey sanctuary; and, he swears by drinking from pitcher plants because "Apes do it and they don't get cancer" [reensure, Feb 24 2020]

Max's oncologist addressing the staff to target the cancer. https://www.youtube...watch?v=QB0mGGTID6M
[doctorremulac3, Feb 24 2020]

Max's chemo vs the cancer. https://www.youtube...watch?v=gfpllwsw1pQ
Chemo's the Americans, cancer is the Nazis. [doctorremulac3, Feb 24 2020]

Where are they coming from!? https://www.ncbi.nl...rticles/PMC4833664/
The chondriome is doubling. (mitochondrial dna polymerase gamma). If she keeps building trying to warp under this pressure the coils will never stand the strain! [reensure, Feb 25 2020]


       <Shocked silence/>
8th of 7, Feb 07 2020

       Shocked and very sorry to hear this [Max]. I have always enjoyed the wit and inventiveness you've bought to the Halfbakery. You will be greatly missed here.
hippo, Feb 07 2020

       Just to add a bit of ironic pathos:   

       Most of the recent and best cancer therapeutics are based on humanized antibodies. In order for these to work, the patient needs to be (a) reasonably fit and (b) to have any one of several mutations that give the cancer an 'Achilles' heel'.   

       Not only am I not 'reasonably fit', but my cancer also lacks every one of those genetic Achilles' heels.   

       Now for the kicker. About 35-odd years ago, a humble post- graduate starting out on his scientific career and working as a summer student/lab-tech for a brilliant scientist, built the very first synthetic gene for the very first humanized antibody. And guess who that humble (OK, probably not that humble) post-grad was? Yep.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2020

       Fuck me, and fuck cancer! [MB] this is honestly devastating.
theircompetitor, Feb 07 2020

       WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?   

       I'm sorry, that's vulgar. It's my way of covering pain.
doctorremulac3, Feb 07 2020

       Vulgarify away, [doc], you have my complete permission.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2020

       Thank you brother. For everything.
doctorremulac3, Feb 07 2020

       So my desire to volunteer to donate my body to Max's experimental science project for when he starts to try bold and crazy treatment things isn't going to time out well.   

       Bugger all. This was a rather extremely silly way to do Brexit.
RayfordSteele, Feb 07 2020

       a good friend who is in the medical field has a pretty bitter expression, acknowledging the maddeningly slow pace of progress, and the never ending set of stories that talks about hope.   

       All the Mice Are Cured.   

       May this be the last time I get to use it this way...
theircompetitor, Feb 07 2020

       oh, Max.
Loris, Feb 07 2020

       Bugger and bollocks. I'm going to the pub now.
DenholmRicshaw, Feb 07 2020

       There's something about the will we need to all discuss: who inherits the misfortune of being Sturton's emergency contact?
RayfordSteele, Feb 07 2020

       I volunteered [8th] for that.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2020

       We fear that will devolve on us.   

       We understand that, should the unthinkable happen, the Honour Party at Rentisham's are preparing the protocol for flying their trousers at half-mast for the appropriate period.
8th of 7, Feb 07 2020

       What [DenholmRicshaw] said. I would wish you godspeed, but neither of us believe in God, and anyway according to the bible one isn't supposed to do that. I'll personally re-read your ideas (please don't delete them) and drink quite a few in your honor.
Voice, Feb 07 2020

       Who's going to entertain me now?! That's as close as the Sgt gets to 'sorry for (y)our loss'.   

       Half-expected to see [2fries] chime in with a suitably homeopathic and/or nutbar suggestion. Failing that, I propose an iteration of S.Hawking's 'future party' to dis/prove prognostication and/or time travel:   

       Max, whenhow your animating electrons reach 'the other side' (Tesla might've found a way), send us a message. How, you ask? Amongst us, we should be able to devise a suitable test. Begin now.   

       And I agree with [RayfordSteele]: silly way to 'Brexit'.
Sgt Teacup, Feb 07 2020

       Back from the pub...   

       [Basepair]... it was you...   

       [...no - it's 42 seconds...] my favourite
DenholmRicshaw, Feb 07 2020

       // Who's going to entertain me now?! //   

       Freddie Mercury ?   

       Robbie Williams ?   

       Mr. Sloane ... ?
8th of 7, Feb 07 2020

       "Help! Our planet is run by stupid people!" — wagster, Jul 03 2005   

       ...nuff said...
DenholmRicshaw, Feb 07 2020

       I'll always fondly remember the time I sent you a broken wristwatch in the post.
pocmloc, Feb 07 2020

       Farewell Mr. Dear. It was a pleasure and an honor to know you. Godspeed.
LimpNotes, Feb 08 2020

       Thank you for letting us know.
pertinax, Feb 08 2020

       Can we cryogenically freeze him? Or maybe just some of his DNA? There's likely a Chinese facility somewhere where experimental cloning is likely to happen for the right price...   

       You could also send a small bit up on Space-X if you know the right folks, (and don't mention 8th or Sturton or his sex-toy-on -the-ISS-incident...)
RayfordSteele, Feb 08 2020

       . [pertinax]   

       Thank you for the grounding guidance, there wil be a irreplaceble gap for sure.   

       And, as [Sgt Teacup] said, try to signal if you make the jump through space, time and form. If you make into the accessible past, name some streets.
wjt, Feb 08 2020

       I'll toss some money into the hat for cryo-preserving his head. In my opinion the vitriol people express for cryonics is born of sour grapes.
Voice, Feb 08 2020

       Bollox. I'm actually upset to the point of sending a private message.
xenzag, Feb 08 2020

       //the vitriol people express for cryonics is born of sour grapes//   

       That doesn't sound right; vitriol is sulphuric acid, whereas sour grapes would get you acetic acid, I think.   

       On the other hand, if you mixed some sulphite-based preservatives into the whine, then you might be on to something.
pertinax, Feb 08 2020

       If the cryopreservation doesn't work, there's always pickling.
RayfordSteele, Feb 08 2020

       Well shit. I've been playing my cards in a way that had a chance of us actually meeting face to face some day if you cared to.   

       You are one of my favorite teachers.
Damnit! Just let the big guy keep the five bucks already.

       Hey, [2fries], thanks. We've had our run-ins, and I've been pig-headed with the best of them. You are gracious.   

       (In the unlikely event that something miraculous happens and I'm around for more than 12 weeks, I of course reserve the right to resume pig-headedness.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 08 2020

       This is truly terrible. I hope your discomfort is very mild in the upcoming weeks.   

       It is no consolation, but I have been sitting on a notebook of halfbakery ideas I will try to put up two a week to keep the place lively should you be absent.   

       And, to put it mildly, you *shouldn't* be absent.   

       What kind of cancer is it so we can all have a go at curing it?
beanangel, Feb 08 2020

       //What kind of cancer is it // It's non-small-cell lung adenocarcinoma, which is the commonest type. However, it's behaving "atypically" - causing all kinds of problems which it shouldn't normally do. It's those problems that make me too weak to survive any treatment designed to kill the cancer cells. That includes both established therapeutics and the latest things like Car-T (which is still in early stages for solid tumours anyway), and also any new targetted drugs. Anything that works will cause a lot of cell death amongst the cancer cells (and, in most cases, collateral damage in healthy cells), and the cell debris and inflammation would kill me in my current state.   

       My cancer behaving atypically is just bloody typical.   

       There is a small window of possibility - if they can correct the other problems (kidneys and blood clots), I might improve enough to risk actual treatment.   

       It's basically a science problem, so at least it's an interesting way to go!   

       Oh, and yes, my discomfort at present is mild, thanks. I'm stuck in hospital, but not in any pain. My o2 sats are down to about 82% without supplemental oxygen (90 with), but that's only a problem if I do something reckless like walking. Other than that, I feel fine. (Actually, I Googled and someone at Everest's summit might be down to only 40%, which is awesome.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 08 2020

       //<Shocked silence/>//   



       I am going to miss your input more than you might realise :(
Skewed, Feb 08 2020

       Um. lots of aspirin?
Voice, Feb 08 2020

       Oddly, I was on aspirin plus another thinner until my coronary angiogram came back annoyingly clear. They then took me off both thinners, and I've turned into black pudding. Bit of a bugger indeed.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 08 2020

       Have you considered trying homoeopathy?
pocmloc, Feb 08 2020

       Well this is just no goddammed good at all.
tatterdemalion, Feb 08 2020

       We agree. It's deeply unsatisfactory; there must be some individual or corporate entity who can be sued.   

       // Have you considered trying homoeopathy? //   

       Again ? Our understanding is that it had already been tried, and convicted of fraud, deception, and obtaining money under false pretences.
8th of 7, Feb 08 2020

       //fraud, deception, and obtaining money under false pretences//   

       And what's wrong with any of those things?
pocmloc, Feb 08 2020

       If you're a government, nothing at all- just Standard Operating Procedure...
8th of 7, Feb 08 2020

       //Have you considered trying homoeopathy?// No, I'm saving the big guns until things get more serious.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 08 2020

       Lol Ok, THAT’S funny.
doctorremulac3, Feb 08 2020

       I love you, don't go.
blissmiss, Feb 09 2020

       Profanity cannot express... well, it can, just not near enough.   

       I find myself torn between asking if I can have your stuff, andor querying the going rate for trebuchet rental. j/k... well, mostly.   

       Max, you've been one of the few inspirational people/avatars on the Internet, and have enriched my life. I like to consider you a friend, though we've never met. Sorely missed.
FlyingToaster, Feb 09 2020

       [Link] not sure if that's for [bliss] or [8th], either way I echo the sentiment.   

       This really isn't good enough you know. You've helped brighten many a dark day for me (not your purpose in life of course but know you have), pointless or not I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.   

       [Raises a glass]   

       Best of luck, I'll be checking in for news.
Skewed, Feb 09 2020

       Well, this is shit. I'll miss you.
calum, Feb 09 2020

       Well this all sounds a bit grim. You make a huge contribution to the 'bakery Max. It would be a bit of a shame for it to come to an end.
//I'd been counting on science and luck//
Sometimes, when science, luck & even hope fails you, just obstinancy & sheer, bloody-minded refusal to accept reality can get you through. Sometimes. It's the British way, you know!
And when mindless optimism in the face of grim facts is called for, there's always Doris Day to call on for inspiration (linky).

The very best of luck to you in the fight ahead sir & I look forward to many years of reading your grovelling apology for alarming everyone unneccessarily!
DrBob, Feb 09 2020

       How ya doin’ today Max?
doctorremulac3, Feb 09 2020

       I think it would be really helpful, if you felt like it, to give us a daily update on your status.   

       I want to know if you are in pain, so I could try and be funny, or if you were sad, I could sit silently with you for a moment and just be still.   

       I'm still not able to come to terms with this, not at all.
blissmiss, Feb 09 2020

       Yea brother, you feel like giving an update, we'd certainly like to know how you're doing. If you don't that's all good too. However you want to handle it.   

       But we are here for you.
doctorremulac3, Feb 09 2020

       OK - I'm happy to update. Just a little embarrassed to be hanging around like a fart in a phone-box.   

       So, I'm still stuck in hospital (9 days and counting this time). Kidney's are semi-knackered but they're not sure why: probably enlarged lymph nodes pressing on plumbing. Left lung is surrounded by this weird, atypical cancer which works like a straitjacket (so, not much air movement there). Right lung is fine but has large blood clots in the arteries, because the cancer is making my blood more clotty (this is fairly common, apparently), so it's not doing much. I'm on tons of low molecular-weight heparin to prevent any more clotting, and it's possible the existing clots will slowly resolve. In the meantime, I'm on a low oxygen feed (2l/min) and keeping my sats at around 90% (which is crap but perfectly survivable). I'm fine as long as I'm lying down, and can walk about 30 yards if I have to.   

       I'm also plumbed into various other tubes whose main purpose is to siphon off any residual dignity. But hey.   

       If it weren't for the kidneys and the tiny lung function, they could think about things like (a) possible surgery to remove the clots on the lung and more usefully (b) chemo/immunotherapy which would resolve a lot of the issues and get me back to good health for a while. And then (c) who knows what might be round the corner?   

       But, as it is, I'm in Catch 22 where I can only lie here and hope. In the meantime, it's actually very therapeutic to share the details, so thanks for asking.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 09 2020

       Well then, here's my "knock Knock" joke...hee hee, just kidding.   

       You know, I'm seeing room for hope. I didn't see that yesterday. Room for hope makes room for my prayers, and that's just what I'll do. The Universe may still have some plans for you, MB...let's just see how this goes then.
blissmiss, Feb 09 2020

       I just happened to log-in, which I very rarely do these days, and clicked on one item....this one. Oh boy, I truly hope that you get a miracle, and if not, you have as much comfort as possible. I'm not sure if I should log in again, if you are gonna be pulling these tricks.
Ling, Feb 09 2020

       Hey [blissy], thanks. I go through different phases in the course of one day. At the moment I'm in my unrealistically- hopeful phase, which is good.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 09 2020

       Max - I'm packing up and posting the two pieces of my work tomorrow. To where do you want them sent? Email me if you have an address preference, otherwise I will use your work place. They will come as two separate packages, neither being a large box.
xenzag, Feb 09 2020

       [xen] you are a marvel. Work address will get to me (I'm in the process of shutting down the company, but that'll take a while).
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 09 2020

       Ha. It's the least I can do.
xenzag, Feb 09 2020

       //I'm also plumbed into various other tubes whose main purpose is to siphon off any residual dignity. But hey.//   

       Made me smile again. Takes a special level of stoicism to keep your sense of humor while going through this shit. Respect.
doctorremulac3, Feb 09 2020

       Respect, and integrity, and substance and depth and a kind of courage that I know I don't possess.   

       (We could try a World get-well card as we did for FarmerJohn when he was given a really crummy diagnosis. He pulled out of it and was around to build a shit load more clocks.)
blissmiss, Feb 09 2020

       //courage// Courage would be if I had a choice. Not having a choice makes things easier, honestly.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 09 2020

       Courage is being the only one who knows you're afraid.
Voice, Feb 09 2020

       My most honored adversary... If what we fear is what shall come to pass, then you will be missed and stories WILL be told of you for many years to come, indeed. I will continue, meanwhile, to hope as fervently as one can hope that you are mistaken. Have you *tried* a liberal application of Rentisham's...?
21 Quest, Feb 10 2020

       Any last requests, Paul? Anything at all? If ever there were a group of people to ask...   

       Regardless, you won't be forgotten.
phoenix, Feb 10 2020

       If there was no other way, at least we tried.   

       Thanks for one of the best of "best ofs ... " ; and, tip of the hat.
reensure, Feb 10 2020

       Well, this is a fine mess you find yourself in.
I'm sad that we never got to meet in person (me being on the other side of the planet...), as I feel you are on a similar wavelength to my brain. I will remember you always, and the knowledge and silliness you brought/bring to this mad place.
//Just a little embarrassed to be hanging around like a fart in a phone-box//
You have definitely earned the right to hang around here.
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 10 2020

       I'm raising 2 fingers of good bourbon in your honor, fellow Baker. Sláinte.
21 Quest, Feb 10 2020

       // I'm fine as long as I'm lying down, and can walk about 30 yards if I have to. //   

       I think we would all like to see you walk 30 yards while lying down. And miles further standing up.   

       [Max] this is very unsatisfactory and as you are the mentor of the halfbakery you are hereby forbidden to leave. Submit a proper request in triplicate two weeks in advance so that it can be summarily shot down. Besides, without you we would be left at the mercy of an unsupervised alien.   

       Please don't go.
whatrock, Feb 10 2020

       This is deep crap news. You are a legend, Sir and I can say no more.
gnomethang, Feb 10 2020

       I was SO sure we met, in a swanky London Venue a long (too long) while ago... Perhaps your posts were discussed?. Privilege and honour to have encountered you, here, in any event.
Is there anything we can do to help/support you or your nearest dearest at all, in any way?
Dub, Feb 10 2020

       What [Dub] said. Emphatically!
21 Quest, Feb 10 2020

       It will be really sad to see you go. So sorry this is happening to you. You've been amazing. And hopefully you last longer if you can. Hugs to you always.   


       "left at the mercy of an unsupervised alien."   

       I'm still here and very supervised TYVM.
sartep, Feb 10 2020

       Just swinging by to say hello and goodbye. It was good to have known you, if only via this silly text box.
Worldgineer, Feb 10 2020


       [MB], I've always wanted to sample your intriguing centrifuge-filtered coffee and genuinely have, on opening tins of waxes, creams or polishes, for the last several years cast thoughts in your direction, wistfully wondering what it must be like to experience the phenolic thrill of popping-open a fresh new tin of Rentishams.   

       I'd genuinely also wondered on occasion what had ever happened to [Basepair] - that mystery seems now solved (if I've been paying attention) - and over the years, I've regretted never having got the chance to say goodbye to him, I guess that time is now too.   

       Goodbye Max, I really wish it could be au-revoir.   

       And to look for some positive spin for a moment, one (albeit slightly buggered) lung is plenty if you're taking it easy. If you've been offered the palliative drugs-menu, you've got the opportunity to enjoy developing an entirely new connoisseurship and, having a more clearly- defined future-bound than previously, you can now order pretty much anything online (drugs, exotic emollients, high-explosives) without fear of punitive repercussion.   

       Long may the embarrassing void between this page of goodbyes and fair-thee-well-wishes stretch into the coming months and years.
zen_tom, Feb 10 2020

       Oh, blimey, mate! This is truly awfuk news. xx
po, Feb 10 2020

       I... wow. No!   

       There's not a lot one can say that really gets to grips with this.   

       Pray. Please. I will.
david_scothern, Feb 10 2020

       //the unlikely event that something miraculous happens//   

       For what it's worth, there are some people 8 000 miles away praying for this event.
pertinax, Feb 10 2020

       Well, I'm now here for another day, apparently.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 10 2020

       Yay. That's pretty much what we all got too. We just don't know why yet. This is very personal, but I'm hoping you have family with you.   

       I know you have this family cheering you on, and that's a lot of loonies in one place, but hoping you have folks surrounding you in person, as well. Just tell me to mind my own if it's too personal to answer.
blissmiss, Feb 10 2020

       /hanging around/ Please, continue to do so.
david_scothern, Feb 10 2020

       //Well, I'm now here for another day, apparently.//   

       We're all in a bizarre Schrödinger box, in every Internet community, where we don't really know until the next annotation collapses the probability function. May your probability function beat the odds.
theircompetitor, Feb 10 2020


xandram, Feb 10 2020

       // very supervised TYVM. //   

       Verily, but the Borg behind you is not.
whatrock, Feb 10 2020

       and [Max]... if and when you get to the great beyond, please try to contact us. We will be here waiting for you! All my love and peace dear Sir xox
xandram, Feb 10 2020

       //Well, I'm now here for another day, apparently.//   

       Good, I'll be around too. (as far as I know)   

       For whatever it's worth, I think that along with mortality you do get a pretty good consolation prize of living on in a way via your children. To me at least, it makes taking that final curtain call a bit more palatable. What a great blessing you've been given. It's a sort of immortality in the form of pure love. Children are the cure for death.   

       And if you do contact me in the afterlife, please do so by sending me a winning lottery ticket or something, not tapping on my window during a thunderstorm in the middle of the night. Well, unless you think it would be funny, in which case go for it.
doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2020

       //you do get a pretty good consolation prize of living on in a way via your children// - and, more importantly, living on via your Halfbakery ideas (or is that what you meant by "children"?)
hippo, Feb 10 2020

doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2020

       I didn't know Paul Dear, PhD [MaxwellBuchanan] had children, that is wonderful news. Brightening the gene pool brightens my day. Thanks [MB].
beanangel, Feb 10 2020

       Well, this is an unpleasant shock. Still, I wasn't having a particularly good Monday anyhow so rest assured that there's no real damage done!   

       Important things first, time being of the essence and all. It's been a fucking pleasure mate. Thank you. For everything. I feel the same way as you about this place and you were responsible for an unreasonably large number of laughs, snorts and other enjoyable text- induced spasms. I don't know anyone else like you and I'm not looking forward to the noticeable lurch toward the dull that the world will take in your absence.   

       Now, it's a good job this isn't an idea, lung cancer is a WKTE and a terribly unoriginal way to go, dressing it up with a couple of bells and whistles isn't hiding that. Fortunately for me, I had lymphoma as a kid and as such I'm operating on the assumption that it's out of the way, like mumps. Either that or it really was mumps, and I was given a rather enthusiastically over-engineered treatment plan.   

       Perhaps you could use this opportunity to introduce some of the more senior professionals to the untapped medical applications of a really top-notch flenting wax? I hear Rentisham's is flamboyantly anti-microbial while conveying an enviable level of durability and lustre. Just keep it away from any plastics/MRI patients who are often a touch static-y. We don't need sources of ignition now those oxygen tubes have started leaking.
bs0u0155, Feb 11 2020

       [MB] according to the Many Worlds Interpretation of physics (MWI) some of you will live, and some of them will even come up with the idea that saves them. Of course, sometimes it will be [8th]'s idea so study up. Another thing you could do is come up with an affordable irrefutable test of the MWI. If they get it tested by 2030 you'll live to see that you just keep on living.
beanangel, Feb 11 2020

       This moment’s thoughts from wikipedia [link]   

       [MB] can they do lots of dialysis and still operate to remove the cancer?   

       If you have enough money to tell doctors what to do (usually this is a bad idea), Wikipedia says they don’t usually laser away cancers bigger than 5cm, perhaps if you can tell doctors what to do you could get lots of dialysis and tell them to laser away the cancer on the exterior of the lung as well as some internal to the lung.   

       In epigenetics, which you’ve previously mentioned, FEN1, MLH1, and MSH2 are all usually disregulated in NSCLC, there may be some epigenetic drugs that restore these to a favorable epigenetic profile, you could take those.   

       Keyhole limpet proteins (immunosensitizers) attached to blood clot components to immunize you against things blood clots are made of possibly fibrinogen could be a nonstandard new drug option. They have keyhole limpet proteins on alibaba.com   

       As to palliative care that won't fog your brain, phenibut, a GABA activator, is sometimes on ebay and immediately available online. It is a Nootropic that does make me think of more/better ideas and makes people relaxed and sociable. It also is a mild anaesthetic, and I always feel healthier when I am on it. As a data point, if I have a rash or scratch these goe from red back to white when I take phenibut. 2 grams is the usual dose but I am sure you have plans in moderation for your kidneys. The main point is it is a nootropic that makes you feel better and is a mild body anesthetic. Wikipedia says one dose lasts about 24 hours. It also makes falling asleep easier and the sleep more restful. It has downsides, It might reregulate your GABA receptors towards less enjoyable if you use it more than two times a week, and you shouldn't drive on it.
beanangel, Feb 11 2020

       Nice to see the HBrains swinging into action. Surgery is not an option due to the fact that it's quite a diffuse cancer and also in lymph nodes. Moreover, even if they can work around the kidney problem, I just don't have enough lung capacity at present - any inflammation (or infection) would take me down to zero, which is not really an option.   

       Re the genetic markers: there are a handful of mutations which, if present, can be targetted by some of the newer therapeutics (though, again, I'd need to be in better shape first). However, I have drawn a blank for all common and targettable mutations except for a p53 mutation (which is common, but doesn't give any clear therapeutic options).   

       And re epigenetic stuff, my cancer is low (almost zero) expression of PD-L1, which is the commonest immunotherapy target.   

       All in all, it does rather look as if this one has my name on it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 11 2020

       Then trick it. Use an alias. Uhhh, John Wayne? Uh...Johnny Depp? Uh...Paul Simon? Maybe Dear Paul? I'm running out of ideas but you get the gest. Glad to see you today. Keep up your spirits. That is so good for the soul.
blissmiss, Feb 11 2020

       Thanks, [blissy]. I might use W.C. Fields' strategy: "On the whole, I'd rather be in Philadelphia".   

       Still here today. I hate to admit this, but I was quite proud to have walked up a flight of stairs.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 11 2020

       A crack squad of therapeutic nanobots enters the body through the IV drip. They follow the venous blood flow to the heart. After a brief quarrel in the left atrium about how to read the map, two of them peel off down the left pulmonary artery, two more stay in the right lung and get down to business and three push on down the right pulmonary vein and, following an altercation with a suspicious T-cell, make their way to the kidneys. The last bot makes a wrong turn by the inferior vena cava, and comes out in Mornington Crescent.
pertinax, Feb 11 2020

       This inflammation you speak of, would that be, specifically, inflammation of the alveoli (preventing lung function)?
pertinax, Feb 11 2020

       //Then trick it. Use an alias.//   

       Maybe wear a pair of those glasses with the fake nose and eyebrows. If death comes to the door and says "Are you Paul?" say "Mmmnope. I'm Phil. Paul left with that nurse a couple of hours ago. Said he was feeling much better. I think he said he was going to Philadelphia, might be able to find him there."   

       As far as getting some physical accomplishments in like hitting those stairs, I think that's awesome! Stand up and fight until that final bell brother! I remember that song my dad would sing to me:   

       "Stand up and fight until you hear the bell. Stand toe to toe, trade blow for blow. Keep punching till you make your punches tell. Show that crowd what you know! Until you hear that final bell, stand up and fight like hell!"   

       We're all here in your corner rooting for you Max.
doctorremulac3, Feb 11 2020

       ... because if those alveoli are the most likely immediate point of failure, then the team in the link were, some years ago, working on a substrate for growing extra, implantable alveoli for premature babies. Now, I know we're not talking about a premature baby here, but, if implantable alveoli are a real thing ...
pertinax, Feb 11 2020

       I dream big.   

       Soon you will be skipping up those stairs tossing flowers behind you while singing your favorite dity, and playing the bagpipes. I can see it now. That's my inspirational vision to pray to. Why the hell not. I also like the fake mustache and eyebrows option, just to fuck with people.
blissmiss, Feb 11 2020

       Max - I've emailed you at your Mote address. I note an interest in watchmaking and recommend this podcast most highly as a great and interesting distraction. (link)
xenzag, Feb 11 2020

       //would that be, specifically, inflammation of the alveoli // The oncologist was talking about pneumonitis, which I think is a catchall for any type of lung inflammation.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 11 2020

       //tossing flowers behind you while singing your favorite dity, and playing the bagpipes//   

       But the bagpipes take two hands, what's he throwing flowers around with, or shouldn't I ask? ;)
Skewed, Feb 11 2020

       Next link: swap out one of your lungs for one of these new artificial ones. Give your own lung a good clean, then keep it on ice for a week or two while your body gets over the shock, then swap it back in. Repeat for the other lung. Then proceed to chemo the metastatic cancers in the knowledge that at least your lungs won't pack up while you're doing it.
pertinax, Feb 11 2020

       Knowing next to nothing about the ailment at hand and having waited while more experienced bakers spoke I would like to make a suggestion that somehow seems to make sense. Would hanging upside down for a period each day help? Fluid and gunk that has collected in the lungs would then be coaxed downhill and out the door. Granted this would not be a cure-all but may improve lung function, O2 levels and overall comfort. A pair of gravity booties and a modified Kevlar Massage Vest (link) might do the trick. You could claim that you'd always wanted to beat gravity and become an inch taller, and whatever accumulation that is coughed up is merely a by-product.
whatrock, Feb 11 2020

       //swap out one of your lungs for one of these new artificial ones// - why stop at the lung? what's wrong with the wired-up 'brain in a jar' solution? Haven't you seen Futurama?
hippo, Feb 11 2020

       Seems excessive to stay tied to a biological brain. A computer simulation seems the obvious solution. There are plenty of AIs that no-one really knows how they work or what they do internally. I'm sure a few of them would be interested. Problem is, how to attract their attention?
pocmloc, Feb 11 2020

       Been looking into head transplants. Although it's not feasible currently, there's no "brick wall" problem that would make it impossible at any time in the future. Much less complicated procedures with other body parts have been successful, rejection issues dealt with etc and it would certainly be worthy of continued research. Actually I should say "I don't see a brick wall impediment." If people get queasy about the Frankenstein factor tell them to not let a stupid old horror story determine the best direction for medical research in the future. We'd probably drop bolts on the neck and flat head.   

       Well, maybe just some very little bolts and a very slightly flat head. Hey, if my body gave out I'd want to do it. My first action after coming out of anesthesia would be to grab the surgeon's hand and say "Friend...good." Then we'd all have a good laugh.
doctorremulac3, Feb 11 2020

       //A computer simulation seems the obvious solution.//   

       There's an interesting philosophical problem with that. Suppose it were possible to scan my brain and then create a simulation that behaved exactly the same way. The original "I" is still left behind and still has to undergo death at some point. The fact that there's now an identical copy in silico might not be much consolation to the original me.   

       //head transplants// Count me in.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 11 2020

       // brain transplant // Robert Heinlein "I Will Fear No Evil" and other badly written fiction.   

       // brain transfer into computers // Gad, even more schlocky pulps. First that come to mind are Dominic Green's "Smallworld" and "Littlestar".   

       // nothing new under the sun // Ecclesiastes. But I think Solomon plagiarized much of it.
Chairborne Hero, Feb 11 2020

       OMG, pertinax, those lung extenders in your link are scary. Someone could accidentally trip on them and break their neck Then they would really be in trouble. Damn scary!!!
blissmiss, Feb 11 2020

       //not be much consolation to the original me// Well yes, but that's the original me's problem, not the new me's.
pocmloc, Feb 11 2020

       Actually, wouldn't the original me recognise the new me as an intrinsic and indivisible part of itself? Like how you don't consider your sense of hearing as a different thing or person to yourself. (OK not like that because your sense of hearing is not identical and complete. But you know what I mean (perhaps you don't, but I do (actually that might not even be true))). And so the shutting down of one of the two mes might not seem so traumatic after all?
pocmloc, Feb 11 2020

       My dearest Maxwell,   

       I would love to think this letter finds you well but seriously, me old china, you've made rather a mess of this, haven't you?   

       We tried to warn you that breathing the fumes from that bloody Flenting Wax was going to do you in but you chose not to listen.   

       Anyway, I've popped a box of heavily modified anti-cancer termites (they're a sort of uprated cousin of the ones your man, What's-His-Name, found in that filing cabinet in Borneo when he was trying to undiscover the Wallace Line) in the post for you. We found these ones eating the tumorous arse-end out of a beached whale on a remote island in the Arafura Sea, so they may or may not work. Worth a shot, in the circumstances.   

       As for getting them into the country, they're in a lead-lined box, clearly marked Rentisham's Farnarkling Curative, with a URGENT sticker on each of the twenty sides of the box. The Express Courier Wallaby in whose pouch we have sent them has clear instructions to act as coolly and as calmly as possible, so as not to arouse the suspicions of your local authorities. There's also a small flask of overproof Bundaberg Rum in there, if things get a bit too much.   

       With a bit of luck, now that Britain's Customs Department is in utter, fucking disarray after that Brexit nonsense, the whole ensemble should slip through without a hitch.   

       Now, here's the tricky bit, son. You have to coax the termites into climbing in through your nose in twos, between midnight and dawn. Not the very best plan, as you may have noticed, and you'll have to keep them out of the way of the nurses if you can because they might eat a few of them if you're not looking, but this may be the only chance you get to participate in a world-first trial to see if they work on a living subject.   

       I do hope they arrive in time, and that they don't tickle too much on the way in. If they do actually work, you'll be the first survivor on record.   

       All of the very best from all of us here in the antipodes, and if it doesn't go so well with these little fellers, or they get sidetracked by Customs, then we'll see you on the other side, hmm?   

       Cheers for now,   


       P.S. I do hope things go as well as possible for you, mate. Wishing you all of the best.
UnaBubba, Feb 11 2020

       [Ubie]! Blimey, mate, I'm honoured and it's good to hear from you. I'll let you know how I get on with the termites.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 11 2020

       Please do. I hope they arrive in time to make a difference.   

       So sorry to hear your news at this time... Or any time, to be honest.   

       I trust they're keeping you comfortable and I hope they don't stint on the good drugs.
UnaBubba, Feb 11 2020

       They are thanks. To be honest I'm in no physical discomfort at all at the moment unless I try something reckless like moving around. It'll work out somehow.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 11 2020

       I never imagined, when I first joined the HB, that I'd end up this age, so every day is a bit of a bonus.   

       I'm up early this morning (5:00am), and just had a cup of coffee with my eldest before he headed off to work.   

       He's 19 now. He was the inspiration for my username, as we had just the one baby at the time I joined.   

       Time flies, usually in a direction we didn't quite anticipate.
UnaBubba, Feb 11 2020

       Fine, make the old lady cry. You two...
blissmiss, Feb 11 2020

       Oh I don't know. The direction is of no surprise to anyone. The speed is more startling. For all of us.
david_scothern, Feb 11 2020

       The speed is (relatively) constant but the perception is
pocmloc, Feb 11 2020

       The sense of time speeding up as I get older suggests that in my youth I must have been travelling at near the speed of light and experiencing a relativistic time-dilation effect
hippo, Feb 11 2020

       It's not time dilation you have to worry about with age, it's the dreaded Lorentz-FitzGerald contraction! Ha
xenzag, Feb 11 2020

       Honestly, as time moves on, I find most things about me are expanding, rather than contracting. Most distressing.
UnaBubba, Feb 11 2020

       Ha. "This is the year of the expanding man" Steely Dan.
xenzag, Feb 11 2020

       Yeah, time flies when you're not paying attention...
I can't believe it's the middle of February already. I'm not sure where 2019 went, let alone January this year.
Keep up the good spirits, [MaxwellBuchanan].
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 11 2020

       // I find most things about me are expanding, rather than contracting// did you check the side-effects carefully, [UB] :)
theircompetitor, Feb 11 2020

       It said, on the packaging, [tc], "Your mileage may vary"   

       So I guess that's on me?
UnaBubba, Feb 11 2020

       // I find most things about me are expanding, rather than contracting// Oh, that's just things out of place; mind them and soon the house and mind will be less cluttered.
reensure, Feb 11 2020

       I have a theory that the perception of time going faster is driven by our mind's tendency over time to ignore the daily pattern noise of rituals and habits as automatic, time-consuming, but not terribly interesting or novel activities, like driving to work, coupled with an ever longer span of memory over which we self-identify and serves to inform us of who we are. I guess that brings up a question: when you're at the edge of something like death, does that perception of the acceleration of time still take place, or does the sheer boredom of hospitalization overcome it? 'The hours are too long, but the days are too short..'
RayfordSteele, Feb 12 2020

       You're an incredibly awesome person and it's been a pleasure and a privilege to get to see you in action.   

       Thank you.   

       And, yeah, fuck cancer.   

jutta, Feb 12 2020

       //head transplants//   

       Potentially still too much incompatible tissue to set off the old immune response, a full body brain transplant may be better.   

       Just let us know who's body (& face) you want & we'll instruct Sturton for you if you don't feel up to it yourself.
Skewed, Feb 12 2020

       All this contracting and expanding makes me think I've fallen Into The Looking Glass, as Alice would have said, maybe. (Just lead me to the mushrooms, and I'll be a happy girl.)
blissmiss, Feb 12 2020

       Yeah, what [blissy] said. Don't forget to stop and sniff the mushrooms, people.
UnaBubba, Feb 12 2020

       Are you in Addenbrooke's, [MB]?   

       (Or maybe that's an intrusive, too-much-real-world question, in which case, feel free not to answer it)
pertinax, Feb 12 2020

       You are a very difficult man to contact, Paul.
UnaBubba, Feb 12 2020

       //Addenbrooke's// I am, for my sins. Hopefully home today once all the oxygen and other crap gets delivered to home.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2020

       Nice to be going home I bet.
doctorremulac3, Feb 12 2020

       So glad you are going home. It's good medicine to surround yourself with that which brings you joy.
blissmiss, Feb 12 2020

       //It's good medicine to surround yourself with that which brings you joy.// - and yet he's still on the Halfbakery surrounded by us...!
hippo, Feb 12 2020

       Incidentally - kudos to Addenbrooke's and the NHS. Care has been flawless. Even their IT system seems to work, to the extent that all tests, scans and appointments happen at the right time and all the results come back promptly. Well impressed.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2020

       Home is best. Well done nhs for looking after our buddy.
po, Feb 12 2020

       God, I wish we had an NHS.
blissmiss, Feb 12 2020

       The NHS is one the best things about life in the UK. Unfortunately bonkers Boris looks set to be bullied into handing over a large portion of it to the greedy Trump moron in exchange for thousands of tons of America's toxic muck, like their bleached chickens, hormone and antibiotic laced beef, and of course their Agent Orange, Monsanto Frankenstein GM crops (imagines extra invigorated blood coursing through Max's extremities!)
xenzag, Feb 12 2020

       first of all, if we wanted to take on UK healthcare, we'd start with dentistry.   

       second of all, you don't have to worry (we do), soon Sanders will give us an NHS   

       third [score!] xenzag figured out a way to make this post political before I did   

       Hope I got a smile out of you [MB] :)
theircompetitor, Feb 12 2020

       Glad you're at home and relatively comfortable [MB]! I was going to request that you vandalize something for me before you leave facility but now that seems ... counterproductive? But then again, as Halfbakers we've become accustomed to the definition of "productivity" being very well pliable.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 12 2020

       Alas, not at home after all. Breathing got worse this morning, and apparently that's important enough for them to hang on to me for a bit longer.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2020

       Oh no! Hope it's a small hurdle to getting you to where you need to be. Hopefully medical science gets to make a fool of you for a little while longer with us! *pulls back corn stalk*
Letsbuildafort, Feb 12 2020

       Breathing is just an in-efficient way of turning carboxyhaemoglobin into oxyhaemoglobin. Shirley there's an artificial way to do that externally? Catalytic surfaces or something?
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 12 2020

       Boo for bad breathing days. But as our lovely Buddhist friends would say, there is something, everywhere, to find joy in. (Pretty young nurse perhaps?)   

       What was your Sats, do you know?
blissmiss, Feb 12 2020

       Well, just now I was on 81% sat with 4 l/min oxygen. They've just bumped me to 10l/min and sats are back up to 90%, which frankly I'd be happy with, were it not for the fact that yesterday I was at 91% with only 2l/min. I'm thinking that all the maths is sliding off the bottom of the page here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2020

       Well, your two halfbaked items are well on their way, so I hope you get to unwrap them without getting entangled in all of those wires and tubes. Maybe they'll send you home? There's no where like home for enjoying setting up the soggy crisp drying apparatus and contemplating the perfect set of false teeth for the perfect man.
xenzag, Feb 12 2020

       I shall look forward to returning home all the more, knowing what awaits me.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2020

       xenzag, is that code for fish 'n chips or something?   

       MB, get those sats back up, and the Oxy down to 2l again. You are scaring me. Were you up chasing orderlies down the hall trying to nab their name badges so you could break out?
blissmiss, Feb 12 2020

       Hah! Would that I were... In any case, it's time for sleep here now, so I will try and dream my sats higher.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 13 2020

       //Sanders will give us an NHS//   

       I'm voting Sanders, but it would take a miracle for him to win. Anyway Trump vs Sanders was my dream election, so here's hoping they don't cheat him out of the primary again.
Voice, Feb 13 2020

       //head transplants// ////Count me in////   

       You just need to clone yourself now sans higher brain-function while electrically stimulating the growing cloneular muscle tissue for buff-ness and in twenty years or so your frozen brain can be implanted into your own genetically scrubbed eighteen year or-so old body with no rejection issues and you get a brand new lease on life...   

       Now we just have to tackle telomerase degradation and we can all be immortal.   

       God but that would get boring after a while wouldn't it?   

       This whole reincarnation/amnesia thing we got now is a way better ride in my opinion...
...not that I wouldn't stick around for like 1500 years or so given my druthers.

       Personally I think that the many-worlds interpretation will be found to be the big TOE in which case all possible 'you's' exist simultaneously fragmented and none of us ever get to experience completeness on the mortal-coil side of things... barring extenuating circumstances of course, (always gotta read the fine print) and when we die it's like;   

       "OH! Of course! <forehead smack> It all makes perfect sense now! Wow,... what a ride!... Awesome! Let's try... um... this one this time 'round!"   

       I can not think of a better way one might go about filling an infinity with consciousnesses.   

       ...and if I'm wrong? How will any of us know?.. so the possibility exists until disproved.   

       Uh huh! Does so.   

No take-backsies
So there.

       Hang in there, friend, and best wishes. I have enjoyed your sane and erudite commentary on many topics.   

       In other circumstances I would speculate about non- mainstream possibilities such as long-term water fasting, but I am not qualified to do so here. For myself, I signed up for cryonic freezing a few years ago, and I also hope that quantum immortality works out somehow. Tell those doctors that the halfbakery is watching their work with great interest.
sninctown, Feb 13 2020

       Well, I'm here for another day. Breathing is better than yesterday (which was worse than the day before). I really and sincerely appreciate the good wishes.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 13 2020

       // I am not qualified to do so here. //   

       Explain then why you are in the halfbakery.   

       Mere ignorance, lack of ability, a bizarre and controversial world view, downright stupidity and Voices In The Head don't disqualify any of the other halfbakers - what makes you so special, eh ?
8th of 7, Feb 13 2020

       You misunderstand, it is the lack of ignorance, inability, bizarre or controversial world-views, stupidity or Voices In The Head that disqualifies [sninctown] from speculating.
hippo, Feb 13 2020

       More deserving of pity than condemnation, then ...
8th of 7, Feb 13 2020

       If anyone here is short of voices in their head, I could lend some of mine.
No you can't.
Yes he can.
Hush, they can hear us!
pertinax, Feb 13 2020

       It just occured to me that if MB leaves the bakery, which ain't happening, but if it were to happen someday in the far off future, 8th of 7 would be having lengthy conversations with himself all day. Those convos make me laugh, so very often. just like today's "comeback" from him. This makes me sad and morose.   

       Quick, someone through me a donut or something.
blissmiss, Feb 13 2020

       I have a nice kennel ready for 8th, and there'll be walkies every day to snuffle out good leg lifting spots.
xenzag, Feb 13 2020

       //Well, I'm here for another day. Breathing is better than yesterday// - that's really good to hear. I'm not a (medical) doctor, but keeping breathing sounds like a good idea.
hippo, Feb 13 2020

       <Gimli>Keep breathing - that's the key</Gimli>   

       (Actually, since the abbreviation for oxygenated hemoglobin is HbO2, I think we at the HB have to do our part by, along with sending good wishes, taking a few good deep breaths as well. Sympathetic inspiration, if you will.)   

       Deep breath.... Ommmm....   

       (And Max - best wishes and positive thoughts to you. Please don't go telling your caregivers "I can fall asleep faster if my sats are around 80" or "Blue is my favorite color!" or... or... any of several other unprintable things I told mine)
lurch, Feb 13 2020

       [MaxwellBuchanan] - I always enjoy your quick wit and clever turn of phrase, noteworthy in this place where such things are uncommonly common.   

       Of course wishes are bullshit, nonetheless I offer you my best ones.
tatterdemalion, Feb 13 2020

       // that's important enough for them to hang on to me for a bit longer.//

Boo! for people who keep hanging on too long...wait...no.
DrBob, Feb 13 2020

       Link - "Breathe" Trygve Seim
xenzag, Feb 13 2020

       Hmph ... a clever attempt to fake your death ... I am not fooled.   

       I'll be watching for you.
normzone, Feb 13 2020

       Maybe its a double-bluff
pocmloc, Feb 13 2020

       Farewell, [Maxwell]. You have always been a light in these parts, a spark of wit and erudition, of thoughtful analysis and playful combativeness. You will be sorely missed.   

       May your estate flourish in eternity.
BunsenHoneydew, Feb 13 2020

       [ deep sympathy breaths ]   

       That's an idea I can absolutely countenance!
reensure, Feb 13 2020

       //Sympathetic inspiration//   

       Can't believe you missed this one [lurch], must be a trap to illicit precisely the response I'm about to offer?   

       [Considers the sharp pointy steel teeth]   

       [Steps in anyway]   

       Sympathetic 'aspiration' Shirley?
Skewed, Feb 13 2020

       [Max] already mentioned "aspirational pneumonia" in another recent thread. (Which is something I had about a year ago, and my doc joked "Well, you can cross that off your bucket list" but I couldn't draw a deep enough breath to respond)   

       It was actually as close as I dared come to an "inspirometer" joke - I have several of those, and they're not as bad as the "Foley catheter" jokes, but they're all a lot funnier if you're not in the middle of suffering the damn things.
lurch, Feb 13 2020

       Yep, it's a hard call I'm struggling with here, what [Max] may or may not find funny right now.   

       Can't even figure out if I should bun (sending support) or bone (this is crappy & shouldn't happen) :(
Skewed, Feb 13 2020

       Guys, over the last couple of weeks I've had so many tubes inserted that my biggest health risk has now become entanglement. Trust me - there's nothing you can say that I won't find funny.   

       And, by way of update, I'm now back home with a portable (and I use the term very loosely) oxygen generator purring away, a G&T at hand, and a much rosier view of the world. I've also discovered that I remain lucid* even with sats below 60% (though I won't make a habit of it), which is good to know. Psychology is half the battle.   

       (*if you can understand what I'm typing, that is)
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 13 2020

       chemon, joking is the best way to see anyone off this mortal coil. That which cannot be avoided must be embraced. Benign jokes are an excellent medicine. You're not being an insensitive clot, you're offering encouragement and a breath of fresh air.
Voice, Feb 13 2020

       //G&T// Nice! The quinine laced drink designed to fight malaria (and sobriety) in the far reaches of the British Empire.   

       Knew we were kindered sprits.
doctorremulac3, Feb 13 2020

       glad to hear you're home [MB].
theircompetitor, Feb 13 2020

       //a G&T at hand,//   

       I'm sure the medical personnel were competent, but there's some chance they didn't consider or completely rule out malaria. In that context, it's irresponsible not to self-treat. Just in case.
bs0u0155, Feb 13 2020

       // my biggest health risk has now become entanglement. //   

       Is that quantum entanglement ?   

       If someone tugs on one of the tubes, will some unfortunate disease-stricken life-form across the other side of the Universe get a sudden, inexplicable twinge in a sensitive place... ?
8th of 7, Feb 13 2020

       Wow, what to say, I've been gone so long I feel like an interloper who walked into a wake, and I guess I did! I am so sad for the family of the Halfbakery.   

       I always enjoyed your immense imagination Max, I wish I had been able to understand half of half of it. Fair Winds dear Paul.   

       thank you Una for yet another laugh through the pain.
dentworth, Feb 13 2020

       //will some unfortunate disease-stricken life-form across the other side of the Universe get a sudden, inexplicable twinge in a sensitive place... ?// I'm not sure - let me know.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 13 2020

       I'm so glad someone translated for me..."G&T". I thought might be a type of remote control for the Tele. Well look, it was in his hand when he got home, and that's the first thing that came to mind, thankfully.
blissmiss, Feb 13 2020

       What can be the harm in keeping hope? If anyone's in an intellectual position to survive this, it's you.   

       It may be helpful to add that people can live with 1 lung and 1 kidney. The lungs can also recover despite years of smoking. The answer may still exist.
4and20, Feb 13 2020

       //an interloper who walked into a wake//   

       Welcome back, [dentworth]. Lope in any time.
pertinax, Feb 13 2020

       So many past bakers I've not seen around for a while. Thank you for honoring one of the most prolific amongst us, and for coming by to send your best wishes.
blissmiss, Feb 14 2020

I just realized I once told you that you'd give me credit for telling it like it is, but they haven't proven the existence of Bigfoot yet for you to be able to admit the possibility so you see you can't go anywhere until they do, and it will probably take them some time. Can't get out of it that easy Hoss...

       Maxwell, I say this very much in seriousness... While snark seems oddly appropriate... I feel like I would bungle the attempt. I'd like very much to raise a fitting drink in your honor. Do you have any recommendations or requests?
21 Quest, Feb 14 2020

       [Slips a small card to [Max] with the name of the most expensive commercially available drink he can find with Google]   

Skewed, Feb 14 2020

       [gulps audibly]
21 Quest, Feb 14 2020

       I'm sure this has already been thought about but ... in the event of a less-than-positive outcome, will we have any way of knowing for sure, other than watching a gradually extending quiet period on this thread?
pertinax, Feb 14 2020

       [pertinax] It's "Schrödinger's Max" - if you don't open this idea, you don't know what's happened
hippo, Feb 14 2020

       As you no doubt know, p53 mutations are so common in cancers that they are a regular focus of research. Perhaps a current clinical trial is in the offing?   

       Link above, not particularly in the theological sense.
4and20, Feb 14 2020

       We have been promised signs from the other planes of existence. And MB won't go back on his word, I'm sure. I'm fully expecting the male Cardinal to come and visit my birdfeeder if the very worst outcome should come to pass.
blissmiss, Feb 14 2020

       Forget the cardinal. Send the pope hisself.
RayfordSteele, Feb 14 2020

       If I see the pope on my bird feeder I'll know it's a sign
hippo, Feb 14 2020

       Very funny you two. Must I draw a picture? Wait, a male Cardinal from the local Diocese or even Anthony Hopkins would be rather fun for my cat to watch from the window, too. Bring it on.   

       Voice-That was a great clip. Can't go wrong when you are "looking on the bright side of life".
blissmiss, Feb 14 2020

       // the pope on my bird feeder I'll know it's a sign //   

       No, the feeder will be a Papal Dispensation....
8th of 7, Feb 14 2020

       How did you get out of your kennel? All of that incessant barking is disturbing my cats.
xenzag, Feb 14 2020

       [MB] I read that fasting makes chemotherapy more effective and spares healthy tissue "several times". fortunately there are things online that support that statement [link]. If you get chemotherapy it could be something to ponder.
beanangel, Feb 14 2020

       If I get as far as having chemo, I'll bear that in mind - thanks.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 14 2020

       (Bean) He's currently undergoing G&T therapy. I'm optimistic he'll be responsive to treatment.
doctorremulac3, Feb 15 2020

       That's shitty news Max.   

       Diet. Seriously look at 'starving cancer'. The body recycles everything it can when not fed and that includes cancer cells. I came across this when Keto was claimed to help with cancer outcomes.
bigsleep, Feb 15 2020

       //a trap to illicit precisely the response//   

       "Elicit" would be more licit.   

       ("Listen, Licit Police; it's Ellis 'n' 'is licentious lice!")
pertinax, Feb 15 2020

       // there's some chance they didn't consider or completely rule out malaria. In that context, it's irresponsible not to self-treat. //   

       One Nobel Prize winner from Germany who, incidentally, turned out to be a Nazi, happened to win the Nobel for giving syphilis patients doses of malaria.
4and20, Feb 15 2020

       <Tortuous iambic pentameter>   

       We know he's just pedantic and not rude,   

       He loves to take the piss out of our grammar,   

       It's we who have opinions that are skewed,   

       And he who has an educated manner.   

       He knows the way that many things are done,   

       In classics, science, space and DNA,   

       He makes us laugh a lot with silly fun,   

       He brightens up and educates our day.   

       The wisdom of the man is really great,   

       He tells us all the way he knows things are,   

       We marvel at the size of his estate,   

       Halfbakers know that he's a super star.   

       We really didn't want to hear this news,   

       although not all his thoughts deserve a bun,   

       we love his crazy, wise and thoughtful views,   

       and wish you all the best [MaxwellBuchanan]   

       </Tortuous iambic pentameter>   

       OK, I know, well you try and do better then...
bhumphrys, Feb 15 2020

       Eww: what did the malaria do to the syphilis patients?
pertinax, Feb 15 2020

       It killed 15% of patients. He later sterilized people deemed schizophrenic because of excessive masturbation.
4and20, Feb 15 2020

       Well, hello [maxwellbuchanan], it felt super important to drop back into the HB after a few years away.   

       When I first stopped by here in the early 2000s, I was struck immediately by the sense of fun and family here. I could intellectually understand the geography of contributors, but it was so warming to read the obvious camaraderie.   

       Like a family, there are disputes. Arguments. About stuff that doesn’t matter, and about custard too.   

       There’s growth, too. People I’ve met here have married and had children in their halfbakery lives and yes, we’ve lost some amazing contributors such as [bristolz].   

       People join, people meet, people collaborate, they learn, they laugh but regardless, I feel I know — more, “knew” — many here through their ideas.   

       You too [MB]. I’m so sorry to hear of your diagnosis but while you’re in optimistic mode, you can be doubly sure we all are. X
jonthegeologist, Feb 15 2020

       How are you faring, MB? Home, happy, relatively healthy? Enquiring minds and all...
blissmiss, Feb 16 2020

       He's with me and 8 over in the "Custard Filled Sub Chaser" lounge. Drop in and say hi.
doctorremulac3, Feb 16 2020

       I'm doing embarrassingly OK. Today, I went upstairs (first time since home from hospital) without oxygen and without passing out. Also took Mrs. Max out for a drive, so I can confirm that 80% O2 sats are good enough for tackling the A11. And have been off oxygen for most of the day.   

       Also (and this is the good bit) I found (online) an experimental compound that is the ONLY drug tailored to cancers that only have a p53 mutation (ie, that have none of the other "targettable" mutations). It's been through some clinical trials and a lot of in vitro testing. So, if all else fails (which so far, it is)...   

       If anyone is an expert on (a) organic chemistry (b) bioavailability of drugs vs prodrugs or (c) the effects of massive apoptosis on the body, feel free to get in touch.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 16 2020

       Have a fruity bun. Hope it helps.
po, Feb 16 2020

       Are we bunning this? Ok, sure.   

       Now this is a support bun, not a "this is good" bun.   

       Buns are complicated, they're an enigma. One does not question or over analyze the bun. Ponder yes, but celebrate the fact that they are a times mysterious and inexplicable.   

       Sometimes a bun is just a bun.
doctorremulac3, Feb 16 2020

       // embarrassingly OK //   

       May you be embarrassed for a good long time...
Chairborne Hero, Feb 16 2020

       I agree. And unless we hear of a backslide, we shall assume, meaning me, that you are solidly improving.
blissmiss, Feb 16 2020

       //I'm doing embarrassingly OK.// Very good news. Hope you continue to get strong enough for some effective treatment to be delivered now.
xenzag, Feb 16 2020

       Thanks, and me too!
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 16 2020

       //the effects of massive apoptosis on the body//   

       Not sure how you'd trigger that, but chemo is like a sledgehammer version. I suspect the cleaning up part (autophagy) works better when the body is not getting rid of regular junk like things broken by Omega 6 (hence [beany]'s comment).   

       I've read people have fasted for months with only sports drink to top up salts and minerals. The last thing you want to do is eat carbs. Being in ketosis is just a halfway step to fasting as autophagy kicks in proper in ketosis. After the 3rd day, food cravings vanish.   

       One important aspect to know is that most of the body's immune system is hovering around the gut to neutralize food-borne infections and safely deal with toxins. When fasting it is more effective in other areas of the body. Eating is a serious drain on the system.   

       So if you have the odd spare kilo of body fat, try fasting for a week. You will be housebound until you get used to ketosis, but when it kicks in proper, its apparently like running on rocket fuel.
bigsleep, Feb 16 2020

       Hey Max, would there be the downside to getting into ketosis by eating a pure ketogenic diet for a few days just to see how it made you feel? Not looking for a miracle cure or anything, just to gauge if you might get some benefit from it. I'm experimenting with keto and fasting and find you get this weird electric feeling, I believe because your body thinks you need to go hunt for food so it kicks in some extra energy. It's very weird and hard to describe. Not groggy at all, energized would be the word. Maybe just cut out all carbs, get satiated on healthy fats, plenty of water and try to limit your eating window to 8 hours or so?   

       Is that totally crazy? Is this a wildly inappropriate time to be messing around with dietary experiments? I totally understand if it is. Not saying I know how you feel, but I had very bad acne as a kid, a trillionth the problem you have I know, but everybody not only had stupid unwanted advice they'd give me, the next time they saw me they'd see I still had acne and get pissed that I didn't take their advice. Point is I know suggestions can be sort of obnoxious. Still, understand where it comes from, we're wanting to help you, right or wrong.   

       Anyway, put a link up. Might be an interesting read at least.
doctorremulac3, Feb 17 2020

       Seeing as how it's likely that specialists can make loads of bucks in the US in our weird healthcare system as compared to what the state offers for the NHS, have you considered reaching out to foreign specialists such as what we might have in the colonies, or over in Finland? I hear they're top notch. I have no idea how the logistics would work; perhaps Sturton or 8th could kidnap a cancer specialist and lock him in the estate?
RayfordSteele, Feb 17 2020

       I agree, doc. I've been intermittent fasting for a year now, and I've lost almost 50 lbs doing that and upping my exercise. That comes easy because I have so much more energy in the morning. I'm also vegan now, instead of vegetarian, and so the cheese factor/calories are gone. I think everyone should at least try it, and Keto as well. If you've not ever been in ketosis before, you will be amazed at the energy level created.
blissmiss, Feb 17 2020

       //After the 3rd day, food cravings vanish//   

       Can confirm from personal experience on more than one occasion, definitely thereabouts, maybe after day two / by day three sometimes.
Skewed, Feb 17 2020

       Some number of years ago I met someone who was diagnosed with cancer so I did some research. At the time, a (peer-reviewed?) survey (in PubMed?) showed that the best country in Europe for oncology was Sweden.   

       The person has since recovered, using medical facilities in their slightly backward country, although adopting multiple cats seemed to be highly effective...
4and20, Feb 17 2020

       //the best country in Europe for oncology was Sweden// very few people die of cancer in Sweden, because so many people die by being brutally, but weirdly aesthetically pleasingly, murdered at the hands of a warped serial killer - followed by their death being investigated by a troubled detective with a cool Scandi fashion sense and a dark and mysterious back-story.
hippo, Feb 17 2020

       // embarrassingly OK //   

       {embarrassing ragged cheer}
pertinax, Feb 17 2020

       //getting into ketosis// Hmm - good question, and the short answer is I don't know. I'll raise it with my oncologist and see; anything's worth a shot.   

       //reaching out to foreign specialists// Possible. My feeling so far is that, if something is likely to work, the NHS will provide it. The only exception will be treatments that are unlikely to help (but just might), or treatments that the patient insists on even though the doc knows they'll do more harm than good.   

       There are also clinical trials, of course, which are a different kettle of tea: the problem there is that companies generally want their trial patients to be as healthy as possible aside from the disease, otherwise the results looks bad. And thanks to the weirdness of my particular cancer, I'm physically in much worse shape than I should be for someone at this stage of the disease. Hence the need to consider home-brew options.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2020

       Tough choice Max. Posting a final farewell only to survive cancer would be somewhat less embarrassing, I think, than fighting off cancer only to be killed by healing crystals.
DrBob, Feb 17 2020

       Surely though, not as embarrassing as being cured by healing crystals?
hippo, Feb 17 2020

       :D :D :D
DrBob, Feb 17 2020

       I've tried the healing crystals. They scratch the throat something awful.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2020

       Dying of embarrassment in those circumstances would be the ultimate irony.
8th of 7, Feb 17 2020

       You know Max, if you can get some information out of this battle that will benefit others eventually, it'll be kind of like the guy who rushes the pillbox to throw a grenade in to save the rest of the guys.   

       Going down fighting?   

       Your call, I'm just here to ramble of lists of concepts for your review. Consider it like the guy offering you a tray of hors d'oeuvres. They're there if you want them but don't feel bad about slapping the plate out of his hand and telling him to fuck off if you're not hungry. LOL. <--- (I have the uncanny ability to crack myself up)
doctorremulac3, Feb 17 2020

       Ses link - Rose Tisnado was one of my best friends.... you might find her story has some resonances especially the bit where she talks about fasting....
xenzag, Feb 17 2020

       I was at the library today, so I picked up a slightly strange Immunology textbook from 2013, albeit put together by a team of tenured Ph.D decorated immunology professors. Smack dab in the middle of some rather thick biochemical details was an aside about Willam Coley and "Coley's Toxins," which were an early attempt to jog the body's immune system by injecting bacterial mixes directly into tumors. The textbook implies that Coley was doing the right thing, then drops the subject just as quickly.   

       And here's a coincidence almost as strange: The Wikipedia warning against ever trying "Coley's Toxins," comes via Cancer Research UK, which reportedly had one of p53's original discoverers as an executive.
4and20, Feb 17 2020

       I've no real idea what your talking about [4and20].   

       But I get a vague hint of.   

       'debunk & dismiss, realise there might have been something there, wait long enough for decencies sake, rebrand & patent'   

       [Questioning look?]
Skewed, Feb 17 2020

       All I can say is stay away from shark cartilage. Also from sharks.
theircompetitor, Feb 17 2020

       Embedded in my last anno are the possibilities of exploring two more options, including what will probably be greater sources of documentation for p53-related treatments from a well-known source. I can't offer real advice, since I'm little more than a self-preserving hobbyist, but there are worse hobbies than reading Immunology books.
4and20, Feb 17 2020

       //Also (and this is the good bit) I found (online) an experimental compound that is the ONLY drug tailored to cancers that only have a p53 mutation (ie, that have none of the other "targettable" mutations). It's been through some clinical trials and a lot of in vitro testing. So, if all else fails (which so far, it is)...//   

       Is the compound available through Sigma-Aldrich?
If so, given your "Molecular Biologist - Heal Thyself" proposal, I think you should put your money where your mouth is.

       Unless it's too much money of course - in which case I will chip in, although if it worked I'd want a funding credit on a Journal of Irreproducible Results paper for the n=1 trial.
Also, if the compound can form any sort of crystal I want a reference to 'healing crystals'.

       //very few people die of cancer in Sweden, because so many people die by being brutally, but weirdly aesthetically pleasingly, murdered at the hands of a warped serial killer - followed by their death being investigated by a troubled detective with a cool Scandi fashion sense and a dark and mysterious back-story.//   

       Someone should make one of those interactive maps for fictional murders, with referenced crowdsourced data.
There'd essentially be no-go areas wherever a detective lived for long enough - St. Mary Mead, Jersey, the villages of Midsomer, Los Vegas, New York, Miami
... actually practically all of America.
Loris, Feb 17 2020

       //Is the compound available through Sigma-Aldrich// It is, and I have an account. (Or at least my now-moribund company does.). One snag is that it's about $15 per mg, and daily dose in clinical trials was 5 grams.   

       But it gets more interesting. The drug used in the trials is actually a pro-drug, meaning that the body metabolizes it to create the active form. And the active form is also available and is dirt cheap. So, what I'm trying to figure out, is why can't you just administer the active (and affordable) form directly? If the only reason is that the active form isn't absorbed (it's given orally), then that's an easy fix because I can just rig up an I/V bag and mainline it.   

       So, anyone who understands prodrug activation?   

       (BTW, I already had my diagnosis when I posted that "heal thyself" idea - just wasn't quite up to sharing at that time. I know this isn't what the HB is meant for, but it has meant a lot to me to be able to tell you all and bounce ideas around).
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2020

       It would seem that you already have the academic juice to ask one of the study co-authors directly.
4and20, Feb 17 2020

       Yes, thinking about that, just don't want to ring any alarm bells.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2020

       You're a respected molecular biologist, [MaxwellBuchanan]. Just make up a convincing-sounding study title, then go knock on their door (or maybe phone or e-mail, given your current state...). They don't need to know that YOU are the test subject...
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 17 2020

       Sorry - the only prodrug I have any experience with was a case where the patent expired on it, so the pharma company took a patent on the metabolite and then conned the insurance companies into believing the generic of the original wasn't biosimilar. Ka-ching!
lurch, Feb 17 2020

       n_s is right. You don't have to name the designated motivation behind the study, other than curiosity and a will to heal. You've done that before, kind sir, and you are still the same old Joe that did that, so to speak.   

       As for being not in the realm of the half bakery, if we can't all come together to try and see another baker through the fight of and for his life, well then, If that's not ok, I'm in the wrong cage at the zoo. (Shush 8th.)
blissmiss, Feb 17 2020

       If IV is imposing, then consider enteric capsule or enteric paste from one of the things they make enteric pastes for rodents out of.   

       Also piperine makes rapamycin (a longevity drug/chemotherapuetic) 2.6-5.2 times better absorbed at the GI tract.   

       Mice given rapamycin in their food live 60% longer, so if you have the urge to live to 160 (or longer) that is a good one to know about. I took 72 mg of rapamycin with piperine a day for about 3 weeks and I think it gave me a rash (common side effect), now I am on about 10 mg a day, with 25 mg twice a week, with piperine and no rash. rapamycin is $40-80/gram at alibaba.com So it is like $1-2 a day. I take it in enteric capsules from ebay, the rash made me think it is doing something.
beanangel, Feb 17 2020

       Rapamycin looks like interesting stuff, but it's got a laundry list of adverse effects.
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 18 2020

       Well, if I can make it to 60 (which currently looks very, very optimistic), I'll give serious consideration to rapamycin to add another 100 years or so.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2020

       A thought - this would be a less than opportune time for a hb hard drive crash. Perhaps a contingency plan is in order.
tatterdemalion, Feb 18 2020

       The halfbakery is backed up daily. Sadly, backing up halfbakers themselves is still in very early experimental stages (cut to jar of blue-tinted fluid in which some sort of creature halfway between a sea horse and a grilled cheese sandwich is stirring slowly).
jutta, Feb 18 2020

       but surely there's sufficient data to create convincing chatbots to carry indefinite debates :)
theircompetitor, Feb 18 2020

       I've already created a couple of backups of myself. One is about 6ft tall and finishing her PhD. The other is my genome on a hard drive. But, as Woody Allen said about immortality "No, I want to achieve it by not dying."   

       Also, thank you, [jutta] for your forbearance - I know all this is way, way off the HB's trajectory.   

       Also also, does anyone here have access to the Beilstein database?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2020

       My pharmacologist sister-in-law might. She runs the lab at UNC Charlotte.
RayfordSteele, Feb 18 2020

       That's interesting. Would she be open to the possibility of running a quick search? Beilstein lets you specify a compound and find synthetic routes to it (or a compound and a precursor, and find synthetic routes between the two). But I don't know how much hassle is involved in doing this, since I've never used Beilstein.   

       On a related topic, I'd just like to announce that I've been off oxygen for two days now and my sats are back up to 93%. I know it's a small triumph but...
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2020

       I can check with her. Send along what you're looking for to my email and I can see if she can do it.
RayfordSteele, Feb 18 2020

       Very good to hear. Re Beilstein database - this seems like something anyone could access without using a remote third party, especially via a University connection.
xenzag, Feb 18 2020

       // seems like something anyone could access// Would that it were so. It's now owned by Elsevier and requires a subscription. It's possible that Cambridge has blanket access, but alas I don't have a Cambridge login and don't know any tame chemists.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2020

       Oops, not UNC Charlotte. UNC Chapel Hill.
RayfordSteele, Feb 18 2020

       Any UNC is a good UNC.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2020

       Update: Natasha says that apparently UNC cut all ties with Elsevier last year so not likely. Sorry.
RayfordSteele, Feb 18 2020

       //I don't have a Cambridge login// A quick glance...... I think I saw Athens account log-in? Then there is the question: how much is a subscription measured against your needs and of course general curiousity? There's always a way.......
xenzag, Feb 18 2020

       Perhaps they have a yearly subscription that could be deferred for a bit...?   

       Anyone have a rich uncle? Mine died awhile ago and left his money to my useless cousins.
RayfordSteele, Feb 18 2020

       Apparently a subscription to Reaxys (a portal into Beilstein) runs at 7K/year, which isn't impossible but seems a shame to spend it unless it gets me somewhere. I'm asking around a few friends, though.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2020

       // Mine died awhile ago and left his money to my useless cousins //   

       <Hums theme from "Kind Hearts and Coronets" />   

       Where there's a will, there's a way, as probate lawyers say.
8th of 7, Feb 18 2020

       MB, that is the best news, (sats at 93%), that I have heard in a long while. Keep up the breathing buddy, or I'll cross that ocean and kick the shit outta ya. Hahahaha
blissmiss, Feb 18 2020

       [MaxwellBuchanan]; a friend of mine is a pharmacologist at a university down the road. I've asked if she can get access to Beilstein; naturally, she's on holiday, so I'll get back with an answer when I hear.
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 18 2020

MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2020

       [xen] - I shall never again have to suffer the horrors of soggy crisps. That alone makes the diagnosis almost worthwhile.   

       Thank you.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 18 2020

       You're welcome! Hope you use wisely. The apparatus was also one of the prizes I made for the Self Improvement Quiz Show I run from time to time.
xenzag, Feb 18 2020

       [MaxwellBuchanan] You have likely already heard about senolytics, they get rid of cytes secreting things that cause trouble to the material around them. A couple senolytics are chemotherapeutic agents. One of them is navitoclax which has some effects on the lungs. "nativoclax is senolytic in the culture-acclimated IMR-90 lung fibroblast-like cell strain, while it is less so in primary human lung fibroblasts isolated from patients https:// www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov /pmc/ articles/PMC5641223/ ", also a [link]   

       The article is interesting to read even though I think it is a different part of your lungs.
beanangel, Feb 19 2020

       [Max] How can you trust anything most medical researchers say ? I looked at the epidemiology of statins and it was complete bollocks.   

       And the FDA still hasn't backed down that fructose and Omega 6 rather than fat is the cause of heart disease. Heart disease sky-rocketed with the introduction of Omega 6 laden cotton seed oil (Crisco). And now HFCS is responsible for diabetes.   

       I know this is a crappy time for you, but let's not let people suffer for another century on bad dietary advice, you could whistle blow a great deal.
bigsleep, Feb 19 2020

       It would have to be a very quiet piece of whistle-blowing, alas.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 19 2020

       [bigs], for God's sake put the soapbox away. As a matter of fact, put the screen away. Go outside and take a walk.
RayfordSteele, Feb 19 2020

       Hey Max, by the way, for years now this is how I dealt with confusing or badly described ideas posted here. Say for instance I'd see a post: "Flying Watermelon Nuclear Particle Ghost Flavoring" or the like. I'd just go to your annotation and read your summation which could be as simple as a one sentence synopsis to a "Hu?" at which time I'd say "If Max doesn't get this I won't." and move on. Should be noted that I'd also check 8th's insult to the idea which could also be helpful.   

       As far as the nutrition thing, it is worth noting that we've been given very bad advice over the years. The US Department of Agriculture for instance giving us the food pyramid that suggests eating 20,000 to 8 million servings of high carb agricultural products daily.   

       There's a very good book called "Big Fat Surprise" which, even if you couldn't care less about dietary science is a very interesting case study of how prevailing wisdom can go wrong due to many factors such as bad logic, corruption and outright deceit among self proclaimed experts, politicians and industry.
doctorremulac3, Feb 19 2020

       //confusing or badly described ideas posted here// I don't believe such a thing exists.
pocmloc, Feb 19 2020

       Well, I should hate to be thought of as authoritative, but thanks. Perhaps for the time being, I should post my O2 sats alongside any comments, so that you can better decide if they're the product of a switched-on brain or not.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 19 2020


       It was a concerned general rant. So many research papers aren't statistically relevant. When looking for cancer solutions there is not a big sticker on each paper saying "Don't bother. Not statistically relevant". Apparently doctors don't get that memo either (statins and the rest).   

       Free treatments don't get the press. But if you search for 'p53 lung cancer fasting' you do get a few promising hits. You also get the odd hit which says fasting makes things worse, but those sites could be in with big pharma. I lack the knowledge to tell either way.
bigsleep, Feb 19 2020

       //I should post my O2 sats alongside any comments//   

       Speaking of which, how those numbers lookin' today?
doctorremulac3, Feb 19 2020

       I hit 95% earlier, which is bloody amazing. Still plummets if I stand up and move, but it's wayyy better than it has been. I suspect the blood clots on my "good" lung are beginning to resolve.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 19 2020

       I'll call "awesome!" on that!
doctorremulac3, Feb 19 2020

       My FIL takes statins. Work bloody amazing in him.
RayfordSteele, Feb 19 2020

       Hellz. All I could suggest is a Foxtail Millet Pongal. Too many medical approaches, no fun.
reensure, Feb 19 2020

       You really don't want to look up the most common definitions of FIL in the urbandictionary.com
4and20, Feb 19 2020

       Thankyou, on the basis of the authorship we will note the recommendation and avoid not only UD but using search engines in general on that TLA.
8th of 7, Feb 19 2020

       Max. That's bloody awful news.   

       I'm not going to waffle on about what an honour/pleasure it's been and how inspirational, informative and amusing your ideas and anno's are... That's all true, but this is not the time for eulogizing, because you're going to beat this.   

       Keep fighting. We're depending on you.
Frankx, Feb 20 2020

       [MB] potentially valuable, very valuable information, there is a 9 mer peptide that turns the anticancer gene P53 back on in your exact kind of aden-cancer you have, at only 9 amino acids long you can get this synthesized very cheaply online if you can get them to tell you the sequence. Paper at [link]
beanangel, Feb 20 2020

       //That's bloody awful news// I'm with you on that one. However, the strange thing is that I feel almost OK, mentally - I think you quickly develop a new baseline.   

       //potentially valuable, very valuable information// Potentially, yes, and thanks, [beany]! From a first look at the paper, it seems that the peptide does restore function in mutant p53, but only causes a modest restoration of apoptosis (cell death). BUT, it may well synergise with chemotherapeutic agents (which damage DNA and trigger apoptosis). Plus, as you noted, getting a peptide made is cheap and simple. So, seriously mate, thanks.   

       Coincidentally, one of the authors of that paper, and co- inventor on the patent, Alan Fersht, is a mate. I'll drop him a line.   

       Meanwhile, I'm pressing ahead with APR-246 (which does something similar, but has been through some clinical trials already) and am getting a batch manufactured in China.   

       I am feeling more optimistic by the day, and I will beat this f****r if it's the last thing I do (which is quite likely). On the plus side, if I go down, the cancer's going down with me.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 20 2020

       Hell yes! Fight Max!! Hit this damn thing with everything you've got!!
doctorremulac3, Feb 20 2020

       //and I will beat this f****r if it's the last thing I do//

Best HB anno ever. Well, apart from the famous oneoffdave comment in which he revealed that he was a unidexter.
DrBob, Feb 20 2020

       Damn. Well, I'm prepared to have one leg off if you think it'll help.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 20 2020

       We could clone it and run some DNA checks against common risk factors vis a vis chemo, but a pound of flesh would be more than enough. Are you on antibiotics yet? Apparently if you start chemo there's a high risk of superbugs.   

Voice, Feb 20 2020

       No antibiotics at present, but maybe if they get to the point where they can start me on chemo. Am about to start on steroids (to improve appetite), which also compromise the immune system, but will come back off them before any chemo.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 20 2020

       How about some chili? I make the best chili in the world
Voice, Feb 20 2020

       //How about some chili? I make the best chili in the world//   

       That gives me an idea. (link)
doctorremulac3, Feb 20 2020

       [xen] - I am now in possession of my second parcel, and its contents. I can only say that it is the most wonderful and unexpected item that could possibly exist. It is an absolute. Not to mention the craftsmanship that has gone into its construction. Are they modelled on your own masticatory apparati? (Not topologically, obviously, but dentally)?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2020

       //Well, I'm prepared to have one leg off if you think it'll help.//

How much worse could it make things? At least you'll still have your one good eye & that hump.
DrBob, Feb 22 2020

       I prefer the term 'hunch', personally.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2020

       hahaha. yes. Health still improving?
blissmiss, Feb 22 2020

       Yep - blood clots on lungs are definitely clearing. I've consistently got O2 sats in the low 90's now (without supplementary oxygen). Legs are knackered though - but that's partly a matter of regaining muscle and I hope that'll be easier now I can breathe a bit. Other issue is that I can't eat much at a time - left-sided cancer is squishing my stomach. Little and often. I'm beginning to think there's a real chance they'll let me start chemo.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2020

       [link] to http://p53.iarc.fr/. The p53 mutation database. If you please, be a little more specific about your mutation. It makes a difference if looking for pilot studies or treatment specifics.   

       Some substances proposed to mitigate cancer: N-acetyl cysteine; Sulforaphane (from cruciferous vegetables) GSH/GST protection to prevent protein breakdown   

       Bowman-Birk protease inhibitors (from barley) -- increase fidelity of DNA repair   

       Selective estrogen receptor modulators, called SERMs for short; Retinoids; NSAIDs (from soy) (also prescription fenretinide) -- antiproliferation, modulate hormone or growth factors.   

       Inhibitors of oncogene activity. Perillyl alcohol and its precursor limonene (essential oils like lavender, lemongrass, sage, and peppermint); DHEA, and prescription FTI 276   

       Vitamin D; Folic acid   

       That's about it for general (and one specific to TP52 -- FTI 276)   

       Beyond that, you'd have to fit a basic economics of treatment model, ie, chemo and monitoring.   

       Best wishes, mate!
reensure, Feb 22 2020

       good news
theircompetitor, Feb 22 2020

       [reensure] I'll dig out the molecular data on my cancer, including the specific p53 mutation. It's a miss-sense mutation that probably leads to protein misfolding, and apparently misfolded p53 can hang around longer than good p53, so it's a problem even if only one of the two gene copies is mutated. APR-246 seems to help lots of different p53 mutants to fold correctly, which is one reason why it's so promising.   

       Re. FTI-276, I hadn't heard of it, so thanks. But my quick initial reading suggests it's mainly for KRAS mutated cancers (alas, my KRAS is normal; in fact everything tested is normal apart from p53).   

       Re. economics - as far as I can tell, the NHS will do whatever can be done, as long as it's predicted to lead to net benefit. Where they can't help is applying not-fully- tested drugs, or treatments where the risk of harm outweighs the risk of benefit. In those cases, I figure it's up to me to make the call and to pay for whatever I need.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2020

       OK, so my p53 mutation is Arg175His (at the DNA level, it's 524G>A).   

       G>A (and C>T) are among the commonest mutations in DNA. It's just my luck that out of 3,000,000,000 bases, that single one got changed by just a few atoms. (Of course there are probably other mutations driving the cancer, but not in any of the 50 or so genes they examined. And p53's a likely first step.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2020

       // I figure it's up to me to make the call and to pay for whatever I need.// Crowd funding with an HB link? I think plenty here would stump up some loose change, or even dispatch some loose women to hit the streets. (probably not allowed to say that anymore)
xenzag, Feb 22 2020

       Pah. I'd rather people saved their money and had a drink on my behalf. And I'm sure there are better things for loose women to be doing!   

       Incidentally, we're now a week beyond the doctors' most pessimistic prognosis and I'm planning to embarrass them even more than myself.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2020

       Yes, weren't you meant to be dead by now?
pocmloc, Feb 22 2020

       I've never been good on timekeeping.   

       Of course, it's possible that I am - it'd be just my luck to end up in an afterlife consisting only of the HB.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2020

       Thank, Max. Neither I nor the wife has that particular SNP (rs28934578). I had to look, no point, no foul.   

       Histidine immediately suggests an active site in your protein, but to what end; a lot of histidine residues coordinate as enzymes in protein folded pockets   

       Arginine has a sumoylation interaction of note and suggests a structural protein role.   

       The protein seems amenable to acetylation, ie, research places it inside the proteins' folds (but responsive) and proteins may regain some function via post translational modifiction when their odd histidine is occupied. I'll see what is discoverable after a bit. Dinner calls.
reensure, Feb 22 2020

       Well, it's considered a pathogenic mutation, so good thing! As far as I know, only my cancer has it. (I've got my baseline genome on disc, but haven't sat down to analyse it properly.)   

       You understand proteins better than I do - biologist?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2020

       Yet another Twilight Zone-ish theme..."I died and went to the halfbakery, forever". Hahahaha.   

       You might even be doomed to get stuck in the old "Unrequited Love" idea that had more drama than a Lifetime Channel binge.   

       Hahaha Oh hell no, that would make the devil himself look rather attractive.   

       So glad you are better and that my hope scope is seemingly even brighter than before.
blissmiss, Feb 22 2020

       Thanks. Mine too. The plan as of now is: get on chemo+immuno to reduce cancer and alleviate some symptoms; stay on chemo+immuno until the cancer becomes resistant; use APR-246 to kill more cancer cells; persuade them to try chemo again but this time with APR-246, killing more cancer cells again; cross fingers and hope something else has turned up by then.   

       Have also sourced carboplatin and cisplatin in case the real medics won't start me on chemo. Oh the fun of DIY.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2020

       As someone who never studied this stuff, this all sounds just as plausible as:

Roy: What about EMS recombination?
Tyrell: We've already tried it. Ethyl methane sulfonate as an alkylating agent and a potent mutagen. It created a virus so lethal the subject was dead before he left the table.
Roy: Then a repressor protein that blocks the operating cells.
Tyrell: Wouldn't obstruct replication, but it does give rise to an error in replication so that the newly formed DNA strand carries a mutation
hippo, Feb 23 2020

       [Max], I have to admit that I don't check in on the Halfbakery all that often anymore, but when I do you are—in all seriousness—one of the few Halfbakers I check on first to see what they have come up with lately. Whenever I see one of your ideas in bold it makes me happy to know that the Halfbakery is still alive and well in my protracted absence.   

       It is therefore unacceptable for you to die. Beat the fuck out of this cancer, or else I'll book a flight over to the UK and beat the fuck out of you. If that's not enough motivation to live, I don't know what else to tell you.   

       Much love mate, from a guy you've never met, who lives half a world away, and who thinks about you more than you probably ever realized or were entirely comfortable with.
ytk, Feb 23 2020

       Cheers, [ytk], your offer to come over and beat the crap out of me is touching. I shall indeed attempt to pre-empt that by beating the crap out of this cancer.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 23 2020

       hippo, as I recall Roy got quite unreasonably angry after that conversation. Although he made up for any psychotically violent murders he may have committed by having a lovely death scene at the end with a dove.
DrBob, Feb 23 2020

       We would dispute that his anger was unreasonable, in the circumstances.
8th of 7, Feb 23 2020

       Afternoon Max! I hope that the machine that goes 'Ping' is still happily pinging away! :)
DrBob, Feb 24 2020

       Well, saw the oncology consultant this morning, and it looks like I'll be well enough to start chemo+immuno within a week or so. Expecting it'll make me feel like crap physically, but will be a boost psychologically to be fighting back.   

       Also, finally got my order placed for custom-synthesis of my miracle drug. Either that or I have just sent £12K to a Chinese restaurant.   

       All machines are ping-nominal.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2020

       Super great to hear Max.
theircompetitor, Feb 24 2020

       // Either that or I have just sent £12K to a Chinese restaurant. //   

       <Looks up from furtively counting thick wad of used Yuan notes/>   

       Yhor ordah leddy velly soon, sah ! Sendee chop-chop !   

       You wan' plawn clackers wi' tha' ?
8th of 7, Feb 24 2020

       That's f'en awesome!   

       I found an actual clip of Max's oncologist targeting the cancer and directing the staff to start the chemo. (link)   

       My message to you Max: Strength and honor brother! Fight that cancer with everything you've got!   

       And here's my message to Max's cancer: "Get ready for your chemical nuking and oh yea... FUCK YOU CANCER!!!!"   

       (Here's another link to your chemo vs the cancer. Your chemo is the Americans, the cancer is the Nazis.)
doctorremulac3, Feb 24 2020

       Great news, [Max]! - could you explain a bit more about what your 'miracle drug' is and how it works?
hippo, Feb 24 2020

       I echo what the good [doctorremulac3] said. Word for word, but I'm too much of a lady to say it.
blissmiss, Feb 24 2020

       Hey, [doc], good to see that Tom Hanks is on the case.   

       [hippo] re the wonderdrug. So, my cancer has none of the genetic mutations that can be easily targetted by current "tailored" therapies. However, it has a mutation in the p53 tumour-supressor gene (which is very common in many cancers).   

       There are very few drugs that can work on this p53 mutation, and none are in routine use yet. But there is one (APR-246, also called PRIMA-1) which looks really good. It covalantly binds to mutant p53, and forces it to fold correctly (despite its mutation), thereby re-activating it. So, this alone kills cancer cells because they finally get the "die!!" message that's relayed via p53.   

       What's more (and by a truly fantastic coincidence), the same compound _also_ makes cancer cells more susceptible to platinum-based chemotherapy. Usually, chemo only works for a few months or a year; then the cancer cells adapt by making more glutathione, which protects them against the chemotherapy agent. But APR-246 screws up glutathione. So, you can restore chemo-sensitivity to chemo-resistant tumours.   

       APR-246 has gone through phase1 and phase2 trials for some cancers with p53 mutations (especially ovarian). It's a well- tolerated drug and performs well, alone or in combination with chemo. Trials against lung cancer don't start until later this year (and I'm in the wrong country anyway), but the drug does work against lung cancer cells in vitro, so it's worth a shot.   

       You can buy APR-246 for research purposes, but a 3-day course would cost about £150,000. But I've ordered a bespoke synthesis from a Chinese biotech firm - £1M worth of the stuff (100 grams!) for £12,000. That's not insane, because it's an easy synthesis from a cheapish precursor. Just hoping they can do it within 4 weeks and get it right!
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2020

       That’s really interesting - so this is cutting edge cancer research? I hope you manage to get a top journal paper out of it (and zap your cancer).
hippo, Feb 24 2020

       Yep - it's pretty new. Alas, a single self-experiment won't get published, but it'll be interesting. I'm assuming that I'm not breaking any laws (since it's self-treatment and it's not a banned substance) but, frankly, who cares?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2020

       What do you mean, won't get published? You'll write the results here, won't you? That counts as published. And we, your peers, will review what you have written. That counts as peer-reviewed.   

       And the Halfbakery counts as a prestigious journal of record by any sane reckoning.
pocmloc, Feb 24 2020

       // the Halfbakery counts as a prestigious journal of record by any sane reckoning //   

       Whoa, [poc] how come you never let on that you're an alien species too ? Good to meet you. Aren't these humans just hilarious ?   

       Have you come far ? What's the climate like on your home planet ?
8th of 7, Feb 24 2020

       I'll go along with that.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2020

       Ignore him, everyone, that's just the meds talking...
8th of 7, Feb 24 2020

       Yep, the second paracetamol is always a bit chatty.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2020

       This sounds very promising. I may even have to send you more Tayto Cheese and Onion crisps to refill your soggy crisp drying apparatus!
xenzag, Feb 24 2020

       //Halfbakery counts as a prestigious journal//
Given the calibre of the netizens here, halfbakery review is probably a step or 2 ABOVE "ordinary" scientific journal peer review.
Great news on the experimentation progress, too. I'm not a biologist by any measure, so I won't pretend to understand much of your description; but yay, science!
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 24 2020

       The first thing that you could try to do, is to define what you are (define your self, to allow others re-run you within them.) I mean, everyone of us is a bit different kind of random process. Think what's special to being you? Well, for example, what does your search process look like? What were you like as a kid? Oh, btw., I have a few questions before you go -- http://curiosity.mindey.com . You may want to answer some of them publicly here if you like.   

       Next, cancer prevention and treatment... I have been collecting links about various novel ways of treatment "just in case". I'll try to look up, and maybe using tool like http://dynalist.io (it's way better than workflowy) we could organize a systematic collaborative public editing (such editing is supported) process to distill what could be useful to deal with this.   

       And a few more thoughts -- (1) organism is a set of interacting processes, and as long as those processes fulfill their functions to produce required material and information flows, we are alive, let's look for bottlenecks in the organism's flows graph and ways to alleviate them, (2) "A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of love and dreams." -- could we make HB community into a kind of home?   

       Finally, it's heart breaking to read this, [Max]. I don't want to see you in that list along [bristolz]. So, all hopes in your recovery. And, not saying farewell just yet. In hopes that against all odds, you do recover and are well.
Mindey, Feb 25 2020

       . Well said, Mindey. I hadn't thought of bristolz until now. What they say is true, as long as your name is spoken you're not really gone.
reensure, Feb 25 2020

       And [Max] - sorry, more questions - is there a test you can do on the stuff from China to see if they’ve sent you the right thing, and is there a before/after test you can do on yourself to see if it’s doing anything?
hippo, Feb 25 2020

       // Given the calibre of the netizens here //   

       What's the average, though ? At the top end, yes, the 80cm "Schwerer Gustav", but at the bottom end a nerf gun with a broken spring ...
8th of 7, Feb 25 2020

       //What's the average, though?//

Mean or median? - I suspect a very skewed data set...
hippo, Feb 25 2020

       //is there a test you can do on the stuff// Max dons his guinea pig suit, as he is the test!
xenzag, Feb 25 2020

       It's certainly not going to be a Gaussian distribution.
8th of 7, Feb 25 2020

       Oh shit, I'm so sorry [MB].
nineteenthly, Feb 25 2020

       //it's heart breaking to read this// Nah, fuck that. This is a fight. And everyone likes a good fight.   

       //a test you can do on the stuff from China // Yes, I'm trying to line up someone to do NMR on a sample. I'll also see what QC data the Chinese send (if I can trust it).   

       //before/after test// That's the tricky bit. Obviously, there's whether I feel better or worse, but that's slow and subjective. Really need PET scans before and after (or even CT, at a pinch). I'll have "before" scans as part of my NHS treatment; tricky thing will be to explain that I've tried something radical and need "after" scans too. On the other hand, I can always just pay for scans privately.   

       //Oh shit, I'm so sorry// You took the words right out of my mouth, [19thly]. Thanks.   

       But, two pieces of news:
(1) I'm booked in for my first chemo session, a week this Thursday if nothing goes wrong. I never thought I'd look forward to being on chemo, but hey.
(2) I have a new and interesting lump in one armpit, which can serve as a convenient indicator for the chemo's effectiveness.

       Oh and, (3) A team of trained wallabies delivered me a box full of edibles and drinkables to nourish both body and soul. [Ubie], you are a gent.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 25 2020

       HB synchronised international crossed fingers (and toes) proposed for that day.
xenzag, Feb 25 2020

       [Mindey], what sage advice and directions to explore. I am of the school of Ayurvedic Medicine, and Reiki Healing. I share their belief that long ago emotional trauma resides in our bodies and is the culprit behind most diseases and illnesses.   

       If indeed, people are open to that philosophy, there are so many treatments and avenues we can offer up and share with our dear MB.   

       My daughter is a Master's level teacher of Ayurvedic Medicine. The well of her knowledge is endless.   

       But you, [Mindey], are the first to really mention an alternative medical approach that is in fact more spiritual healing than symptomatic efforts.   

       We always head immediately for the somatic option, when the soul is going to do what the soul is destined to do, no matter what we do.   

       Ok, end of thought dump number ninety here. We have become a community of support for a baker that has given so much of himself to this site. For that, I am grateful asl always, to jutta.
blissmiss, Feb 25 2020

       Sync it for Thursday week. I think the first chemo is make or break, since either it does nothing (OK) or it wipes out a huge mass of cancer cells. In the latter case there's a flood of crap into the system and, I guess, a chance of internal bleeds (not sure about that last part, but you can't destroy a pound of flesh without some consequences).
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 25 2020


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