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Abdominal mouse pad

Use that beer gut as a touch pad for your PC
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Most likely built into a form-fitting t-shirt, or as a stick-on device. A sensor, with a wireless connection, that covers the abdominal area, and gives your fat tummy some high-tech functionality.

Just move your finger around your tummy to steer the mouse, tap it to click etc.

Great for surfing in front of the computer whilst leaning back in a big comfy chair, or use it in bed with your monitor goggles on. How about using it to control your pocket PC?

TIB, Sep 24 2003

(?) Just the ticket: Eleksen ElekTex™ http://www.eleksen....flash/default.shtml
Touch sensistive fabric appliances. Amazing stuff. I have used it in a project. Invented by a couple of ex-movie FX industry guys in Britain. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]


       I thought this would be a pointing device controlled by the midsection so you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard.   

       (You could call it the gastronomouse.)
AO, Sep 24 2003


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