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Tracker Pad: Activation Button

Extra button - enables or disables mouse pad
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Mouse Tracker Pads are essential in some scenarios but also a massive pain in others.

When typing - I frequently end up moving the cursor or copying/pasting when typing due to accidental contact with the mouse-pad. It is even happening as I type this.

Have a button (bottom-left - perhaps another bottom-right for Left Handers) that if pressed (like a SHIFT key) enables the pad, but otherwise leave it disabled - better if the same button could also be latched-on (like a SHIFT-LOCK key) and off.

My experience is - if I am using the mouse pad, my non-dominant head is not doing anything else - so it could be used to activate this button without adding much overhead.

Or maybe have a software solution - where (say) CTRL key (etc) could take on this role. (CTRL needed to activate mouse-pad, double-tap for Latch on/off?)

monojohnny, Jan 21 2023

Trackpad disablers https://www.geckoan...windows-and-ubuntu/
[a1, Jan 21 2023]

Options! https://www.google....=1280&bih=752&dpr=1
Your laptop may vary... [neutrinos_shadow, Jan 21 2023]


       There’s an app for that (link) - several, actually.
a1, Jan 21 2023

       // my non-dominant head //   

       Zaphod, is that you?
a1, Jan 21 2023

       My laptop has this, with a little trackpad symbol printed on the key already. Its on the f10 button, between brightness (f8 and f9) and keyboard illumination (f11). So, commercially available, etc. etc.
pocmloc, Jan 21 2023

       hail hydra   


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