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Projected Mousepad

Virtual Mousepad.
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Projected keyboards have been around for 3 or so years . I propose that someone produce a projected keyboard that also projects a mousepad. A collapsible, inert mouse (i.e. a mouse-shaped hunk of plastic) could accompany it to make using it feel more natural.

As an interesting note, as with electromagnetic induction mousepads, a projected mousepad allows for cordless mouse usage without need of batteries in the mouse itself.

aguydude, Mar 22 2008


       It could work without a mouse. Drag your fingers around the projected "pad" area, to point. It would need to be able to detect right and left-click, and click-drag. If you mouse over the virtual keypad, maybe it could change to a mousepad automatically.
Amos Kito, Mar 22 2008

       Amos: That would make it a projected touchpad.
aguydude, Jul 27 2011

       The benefit is that the mouse can be inert; the laser and electronics are stationary and external to the mouse.   

       I don't see why it shouldn't work as a touchpad or a mousepad; just as touch screens can be used with or without a stylus, it could offer better precision or ergonomics with a physical mouse but be usable without one.
spidermother, Jul 27 2011


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