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Tummy Mouse Pad

Exactly what it says
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It's finger-driven mouse like the ones on laptops but it is flexible and separate from the computer and can be affixed to the front of one's shirt by clips. Now you have a mouse pad on your belly.
jellydoughnut, May 24 2006


       I assume that this is for when you don't have a suitable mousing surface next to you (such as using a laptop on a park bench or something).
Optical mice don't need a mouse pad as such - they will work on your belly anyway.
On the other hand, if you mean a touchpad, USB versions are available (albeit not flexible).
Some mad buggers have done similar things to this (such as a jacket with an mp3 player and speakers built in). If you market this as cyber-wear in a similar way, you might actually find some geeks who would buy a touch-pad-t-shirt.
neutrinos_shadow, May 24 2006

       And perhaps one of those eraserhead mouse pointers for my bald head.
DrCurry, May 24 2006

       And then you do a belly flop.
DesertFox, May 25 2006

       I think this would be good if you were working in a hammock - but then you'd need a separate device to raise the laptop itself off your belly without causing discomfort.
pertinax, May 25 2006

       One word. Lint.
DrBob, May 25 2006


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