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A service provider above prepaid card providers
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A lot of company provide VoIP long-distance service. User can buy a $20 prepaid card from them, dial 1-800 number, enter PIN, and dial the telephone number. I am one of them. I always bought pre-paid cards from at least two. If the cheaper one is busy all the time, I will try another expensive one. If they are all busy, I will dial directly. So I am wondering why there is not such company running above these companies, called AbovePrepaid inc. You call dial 1-800 number of AbovePrepaid Inc, enter PIN, dial telephone number, and finally it will connect to other pre-paid providers. It will try the cheapest one first. If it's busy, it will try the second one until success. For user, you need not try by yourself, just wait AbovePrepaid try it for you. You jusy paid a little more than the connected one. For example, if the connected provider charged 6 cents per minute, Prepaid will charge you 6.5 per minute. Will you buy the prepaid card from my AbovePrepaid Inc.

AbovePrepaid Inc. only need apply a 1-800 number, buy some PC installed with some cards and install a specific software. (I am a software guy) We don't need to apply several international T3 lines or satellite transponders. The company setup cost is less than 30,000. If the traffic is very heavy with some prepaid providers, we can get discount from them. For prepaid providers, they are very happy to have this big customer.

milina, Feb 09 2002

ebillit http://www.ebillit.net/index.html
Look at this site in it's entirety, read between lines - think it through... [thumbwax, Feb 11 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       A pre-paid call broker?  Hmmm.  That's a nice idea.
bristolz, Feb 09 2002

       It is an interesting idea, but... if the phone time is prepaid, how will they know what to charge you? Or reverse it and say, how will you know what they're charging you? That $20 phone card might not last as long as you thought.
phoenix, Feb 10 2002

       I smell monopoly money.
reensure, Feb 10 2002

       <sexy_female_voice>At this time, the cheapest route for your call is <electronic_voice>two dollars and fifteen cents</electronic_voice> per minute. Your call will be routed by <gruff_male_voice>Cowboy Communications</gruff_male_voice> Press 1 to accept, 2 for the next cheapest service provider or hang up and try again later.</sexy_female_voice>
st3f, Feb 10 2002

       st3f, it's a great idea. In addition, users can subsribe this service from Internet, and he/she can list all calling history and recharge on-line as current providers provided. And if she is a female, we can use <sexy_cowboy_voice> instead of <sexy_female_voice>.
milina, Feb 10 2002

       UB: If there was supposed to be an 'it' in that sentence then, "Thanks." If not, I'll keep the pliers handy.
st3f, Feb 11 2002


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