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Caller ID-cide

Send text messages to anyone with a Caller ID phone
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Simple. This is for people who already know your number. You get what? 15-20 characters to say whatever you want:

be home late

feed the kids

i'm doing ur sis

you're fired

cat died

milk eggs tampons

SwampGas, Apr 16 2010

US Patent 7,280,646 http://www.google.c...out?id=JkapAAAAEBAJ
See Fig. 6 [jutta, Apr 17 2010]


       Magic ?
8th of 7, Apr 16 2010

       Nah, this would require little or no magic at all.   

       You just dial *77 to temporarily change your ID text for a single call, then type in your message, then the # key, then dial your number.
SwampGas, Apr 16 2010


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