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A Nice Certificate for the Truly Absurd
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Absurd ideas, taken to their logical (and often tragic) conclusion, are the stuff of Darwin Awards, YouTube Videos, JackAss movies and the like. However, apart from this fleeting five minutes of fame, seldom do the survivors / participants / authors / etc. ever get life long recognition in the form of a framed certificate from a prestigious deliberative body (to be assembled as conditions warrant).

Until Now.

The Absurdification can be proudly displayed on the wall, high enough to be seen by someone lying supine on a hospital bed, as a life long reminder of whatever harebrained idea was launched into being.

There should be enough work for this as yet unnamed deliberative body in the HalfBakery alone to pump out certificates for years to come, or until deforestation becomes a worldwide crisis.

Grogster, Sep 17 2011

Ig Nobel http://improbable.com/ig/
[po, Sep 17 2011]


       The current crop of Republicans would end up blowing the budget for plaque creation.
RayfordSteele, Sep 20 2011


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