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Bathroom wall suggestions

Bathroom stalls are the perfect place to write constructive criticism
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So today at work I noticed the "F**k [Mycompany'sname]" graffiti on the wall of the bathroom stall, and I thought "If I owned the business, I would write:


1. ____

2. ____

3. ____"

The bathroom stall is a perfect place for employees to voice their constructive criticism! Just hang a pen from the wall and make a space for people to list things. Other employees can read and elaborate, or rebut (re-butt?), and the higher-ups can know what people are really thinking, but are too afraid to ask.

This has benefits over things like suggestion boxes, because, for instance, at a small place, everyone would have a pretty clear idea of who left the latest suggestion. Everyone has to use the bathroom some time, though!

Caveat: may not work for bosses who are megalomaniacs.

Also there will be an obvious sexual barrier. Hmmm...

omegatron, May 26 2005


       Or maybe....not so constructive!
Eugene, May 26 2005

       So, you're basically proposing a permanent suggestion box?   

       Sounds alright. The only downside is that if the boss recognizes anyone's handwriting, they're in deep doodoo. So to speak.   

       Side note: a lot of bars around here have little frames with paper in them, so that guys can graffiti all they like while doing their business. The paper is removed every so often and replaced.
shapu, May 26 2005

       [shapu], out here there are also chalkboards above some urinals . . . not that I ever touch the chalk . . . Ick!
contracts, May 26 2005

       Sp: "Rebut" ... no,*tt ... scratch that. All right.
reensure, May 26 2005

       Maybe people wouldn't put suggestions. Some might just say "Rock music is awesome!" or "J. is an a-hole" or whatever. That's what people put on stalls in my school.
hobbitcoat, May 27 2005

       Is this the new improved, happy bakery? How did this get eight positives and no negatives. Where is waugs? In the lady’s room?
ldischler, May 27 2005

       Super. Just super. Vent your speen whilst venting otherwise. Creamy crossaint for you
MauiChuck, May 27 2005

       I marvel at the sanitary backwardness of some nations, that they still have toilet facilities in bathrooms.
coprocephalous, May 27 2005

       I keep reading as "Suggestive Bathroom Walls".
DesertFox, May 27 2005

       //Sp: "Rebut" ... no,*tt ... scratch that. All right.   

       I have scratched my rebutt.
omegatron, May 28 2005

       One for the idea, two for the username. Even a suddle Transformers reference gets my vote. Also, you note that you used to be "Skullhead?" If that's a Gwar reference (The Insidious Soliloquy of Dr. Skullhedface), then you're 3 for 3 in my book.
AfroAssault, May 28 2005

       // If that's a Gwar reference   

       No. Another silly band that I don't want to mention. They probably got the idea from Gwar, though.
omegatron, May 28 2005

       // The bathroom stall is a perfect place for employees to voice their constructive criticism! //   

       How exactly?
waugsqueke, May 28 2005

       I really don't think that people should be encouraged to make 'intelligent' comments on cubicle walls. Reading 'Chelsea iz a hoar' over the loo-roll dispenser is momentarily irritating but easily ignored - given that the message is short, unoriginal and doesn't really call for debate. It isn't until some smartarse tries to be witty, philosophical or otherwise superior that things go awry. I have never worked in an office, but based upon the pseudopolitical crap scrawled all over the walls of the ladies' room in my student library*, giving people who think they could do things better a voice and captive audience in this way is a Really Bad Plan.   

nimchimpsky, May 29 2005

       //there will be an obvious sexual barrier. Hmmm...//   

       Not exactly, the writings in the loos near the Sydney Opera House are pretty educational (ie - I learned stuff that perhaps I shouldn't have until I was, say 13...), now, if you put an Ask Aggie column there with a slot machine...
froglet, May 29 2005

       Note, written over the bog roll
please take one.
Cubical_View, May 30 2005

       //there will be an obvious sexual barrier. Hmmm...//   

       I meant that the men's and women's comments will be segregated.
omegatron, Jun 01 2005

       The writing's on the wall.
rcarty, Mar 24 2011

       [+] for ldisch
pashute, Mar 24 2011

       [+] Bun on the wall.
xandram, Mar 24 2011


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