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Criminal CEO Pinatas

Pinatas in the likeness of fraudulent CEOs, stuffed with cash
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If any money is ever recovered from the recent corporate accounting fraud scandals (ha! ha!), then it should be put into pinatas formed in the likeness of those reponsible. These pinatas could then be delivered to parties organized for poor children.
fritiquoff, Jul 31 2002

Rock Em Sock EM CEO's http://www.halfbake...k_20_27em_20CEO_27s
Similarly baked.. [Mr Burns, Jul 31 2002]


       Nah - it'll all be taken by the lawyers first.
DrCurry, Jul 31 2002

       I was hoping for CEO Public Floggings
Mr Burns, Jul 31 2002

       I guess I should have realized this idea would not be all that original. I still like the specific image though.
fritiquoff, Jul 31 2002

       bliss, i suspect your right. but lets whack the hell out of em to make sure....
mymus, Aug 02 2002


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