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Accordion Articulated Bus

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The bellows on either side of this articulated bus bas air- capture and pump chambers, which pressurize the instrument. Notes can be a pre-selected song, random note pushes by crowds entering onto the keyed steps, or just horrid cartoony "I've been flattened by a piano and now walk like an accordion" sounds.
RayfordSteele, Dec 01 2020

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[hippo, Dec 01 2020]

Jimmy Shand's Bendybus Jimmy_20Shand_27s_20Bendybus
calum, Jan 05 2011 [pocmloc, Dec 01 2020]


       [-] No.   

       Better than an idea involving bagpipes, but only just.
8th of 7, Dec 01 2020

       Yes to bagpipe bus version, with 8th inside it in a cage, a long and torturous journey ahead consisting of many bends and turns.
xenzag, Dec 01 2020

       I think the bus should (passively) control the sound, not songs or keys.
2 independent bellows (left side, right side, obvs), connected to 6 reeds; left bellows only, right bellows only, both piped together, and all sets through a pair of non- return valves to have a different note on blow and suck.
So you would get different chords for acceleration, deceleration, left turn, right turn (and possibly changes for different radii, depending on exact set-up...).
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 01 2020

       We've done this here before
pocmloc, Dec 01 2020


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