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Bunk Bed Bus

Nap on wheels
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The idea of a bus designed such that you can sleep on it is not new. The key difference here is the design. Three or four rows of single-person bunk beds going down the length of the bus. Instead of seatbelts, the beds would have lids, much like a padded coffin but easier to get out of. The lids would be transparent, so you can lie and watch out the window if you don't feel like sleeping (and to help prevent people making - ahem - messes).

I'm willing to bet you could stack three or four beds, with the lowest one sitting directly on the floor, and the highest being just far enough from the ceiling that you can get in and out.

Bukkakinator, Jan 21 2009

Sleeper Bus http://www.used-bus...pes/sleeper_bus.asp
Your Idea Already Baked.. but only 2 levels [Jscotty, Jan 21 2009]


       Are you that sleepy or is your commute that long? How will you know when you've reached your stop?
phoenix, Jan 21 2009

       I think that we are speaking of the charter bus variety more so than a transit bus. This is already baked. (see link)
Jscotty, Jan 21 2009


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