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Two-in-one Articulated Cum Double Decker Buses

Solve 4.8M height barriers and passengers refusing to the back of the bus problems, including safety!
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Every time I see an articulated bus and a double decker bus seperately, it always reminds me of the lots of problems in both bus companies. The bus comapny that uses double deckers is always full, because people REFUSE to move up into the upper deck, as they fear they would miss their stop if they took too much time climbing up and down the stairs. Also, the stairs and the exit door (only one) is at the middle of the bus! (No wonder, the passengers are "kiasu", which means fear to lose) On the other hand, the other bus company that uses articulated bus is always full, because they come too irregularly, and they could not cope with the traffic. There were hardly any problems encountered with the articulated buses, as there are two exit doors; one at the middle, one at the back.

Why not have a two-in-one articulated cum double-decker bus? These buses won't be a problem for 4.8m standard height barriers, and if there are two doors placed at the middle and the back and two stairs at the FRONT and the back, there won't be problems like the upper deck is empty and the lower deck is full. Passengers can get up to the upper deck with the front stairs and exit by the back stairs. Finally, that will also increase the capacity drasticly, 125X2 = 250 passengers. Safety? Articulated and double-decker buses are both certified very safe, my friend! The only disadvantage we may have is we may need a more powerful engine!!

Note : The upper decks are connected as well. If not, people cannot walk from the front to the back of the upper deck. Then what's the use?

mailer_daemon, May 23 2001

(?) It seems that legislation exists http://www.europarl...f/c5-0456-00_en.pdf
(Top of page 26) [angel, May 23 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Jumbocruiser http://en.wikipedia...eoplan_Jumbocruiser
Baked double decker articulated bus [acemcbuller, Aug 11 2008]


       how about fireman-poles in the double-decker instead of stairs, so you don't miss your stop?
mihali, May 23 2001

       If you'd stopped before your note, all would have been well. I suspect that a problem would arise when cornering, or when riding a bump. Double-decker buses lean a lot (believe me, I used to drive them), and if the upper decks were to be connected, there would be substantial displacement transversely as well as round the corner.
Despite the evidence of my link, I've not found a specific reference to such a vehicle, so please go ahead. (Can I drive? Can I? Please?)
angel, May 23 2001

       if the bus is full take a taxi or just walk.
wood2coal, Aug 29 2001

       I so, so misunderstood this title.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 13 2008


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