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High-accuracy sprinkler
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Accu-Sprink is more than just a sprinkler – it’s as a microprocessor-controlled targetable water-jet irrigation device. The Accu-Sprink is programmed to deliver a precisely-defined amount of water to every spot within the Accu-Sprink’s maximum radius of operation (MRO), which can be up to 35 m on higher-end models (such as the Accu-Sprink Pro 3500).

After connecting the Accu-Sprink to a water supply, the user plugs it into the USB port of a computer loaded with the included software (Accu-SprinkTargeter 1.0) and defines a volume vs. location map (VVLM). To do this, the user aims the water jet at each corner of the garden, defining a polygon, which is then “filled in” by the computer. Once the polygon is defined, the user can fine tune the amount of water applied to different areas. (The VVLM is stored in the on-board Flash ROM, so the computer is only needed for initial set-up.)

Accu-Sprink wastes less water and promotes plant health by allowing the user to adjust precisely the amount of water received by every square centimeter of garden! Accu-Sprink costs hundreds less than a traditional system! Best of all, Accu-Sprink can be installed in just minutes – no complicated networks of trenches, no tangles of drip line – a single Accu-Sprink will keep your garden looking green!

AO, Mar 06 2003

Intelligent sprinkler http://www.halfbake...lligent_20sprinkler
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

X-10 controlled sprinkler system. http://www.networks...e.com/projects2.htm
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       You beat me to it. I thought of this but instead of using a computer, I was going to propose a mechanical design using brass or plastic pins set in a matrix for the programming model. The height of each pin defines the volume of water to be delivered to the region corresponding to the pin. Where there is no pin at all, no water gets delivered.   

       Like the concept +
bristolz, Mar 06 2003

       not a urinal aid then thank goodness.
po, Mar 06 2003

       (+) I too have had a similar system in mind for a while. A sprinkler with electronically controlled rotation, azimuth and water volume. For some reason it never occurred to me to post it here.   

       My idea was prompted though by the need to water an irregularly shaped lawn area which has been a challenge to do effectively with ordinary sprinklers.   

       One addition that I had in mind for use with a lawn was to make the system self-tuning. Use a camera to take an overhead infrared image of the grass area to identify dry spots (large farms use satellite images) and automatically adjust the water to those areas.   

       Excellent work, [AO]. Welcome. When I saw that your first posting was related to Oreo consumption, I knew I'd like your ideas.
half, Mar 06 2003

       [dag], not exactly destructive, but I thought that if I ever built one of these, it'd ultimately end up with a pest targeting mode to keep the neighbor's cats out of my yard.
half, Mar 06 2003

       Strategic Squirrel Defense System. Stealth technology water fights. JW target practice...
RayfordSteele, Mar 06 2003


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