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Aqua Morte

water your garden using the symbols of death
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Aqua Morte are a range of alternative sprinkler heads for your tired old watering can. Ranging from the hand with severed finger tips or the head with knife embedded, to the totally sacrilegious (use your imagination). For indoor use the range is simply reduced further in scale. Picture yourself as you water the herbaceous borders, gaily swinging your new Aqua Morte, water sprinkling merrily over the plants from the guillotined neck of Marie Antoinette.
xenzag, Nov 27 2005

Red water gun http://www.amazon.c...202-6778352-6464643
LEDs near the head of the gun make the stream look red, although I think for the full effect the kids need to be playing at midnight [fridge duck, Dec 01 2005]

aqua vitae aqua_20vitae
The sister/child idea to this one, as death brings forth new life.... [sophocles, Dec 09 2005]


       there must be some optical trick to make water appear red without having to mix a red colorant into it. [+]
ixnaum, Nov 27 2005

       Well, that works in photographs, but what about in real life? Have some red diodes embedded in the head?
jutta, Nov 27 2005

       Why not caress the chrysanthemums with the crescent of a scythe? "You're going to get it, you know..." Or is it more about the fertilizing properties of recycled life - as in, letting the Queen push up daisies?
lurch, Nov 27 2005

       nice one[+]. You could also have the end be a little paddle-wheel that spins tibetan prayers & stuff too. Works either way.
sophocles, Nov 30 2005

       sophocles - that's a lovely idea - put it up. Giving you a plus in anticipation. It could be called uqua vite, sister idea of aqua morte.
xenzag, Dec 03 2005


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