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Accurate Finger measurement

Digital display of Finger grip displacement
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Maybe this can come under the heading of "not well known."

I've had this idea for a while, and recently came across a [link] that nails it.

csea, Sep 15 2010

Smart Finger http://www.yankodes...smart-they-measure/
Very close to what I had imagined. [csea, Sep 15 2010]


       It'd be helpful to explain the idea in a bit more detail, rather than just sending people to a link. Also, the link is just a design concept, not a product. How would it measure the distance between the two elements?
xaviergisz, Sep 15 2010

       I thought this would be an accurate way of measuring fingers themselves.   

       Apparently married couples corrolate most closely in size for their finger length (index or middle, can't remember which), so that might even be useful for dating services.
Loris, Sep 15 2010

       I pictured little hash marks tatooed along the fingers, and probably up the arm.
MechE, Sep 15 2010


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