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Acrobat Accretion Superhero

Acrobat accretion battles clown-driven giant puppets
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This is a performance art show.

The acrobat accretion is two strong acrobats on the bottom. Giant pant legs pull over their entire bodies. On their shoulders are two smaller but strong acrobat guys. They are tied together at the waist. A shirt covers them. Each of the shirt guy holds a light teenager by the belt with her legs braced against his body. Each teenager is an arm. Her hands and maybe head poke out the cuff. A kid sits on top. The kids head is the head of the superhero. The kid has a sweet hat. The clothes are gauzy and so the acrobats can see through to some degree.

The superhero will form in the circus to battle giant puppets. These are the Mardi Gras type huge light puppets operated using sticks by 1-2 operators on the ground. The operators would be malevolent clowns. The giant puppet monsters would cause trouble of the sort giant puppet monsters cause, but would then be driven away by the acrobat accretion superhero.

bungston, Aug 21 2009


       I never understand Friday night ideas. [neutral]
blissmiss, Aug 21 2009

       Heck, why not just have multiple "superheroes" do battle with each other as a gladiatorial sport? [=]
DrWorm, Aug 22 2009

       [+] wow, a show like this would be some fun to choreograph.
ryokan, Aug 24 2009

       I'm positive this is baked in some old HK kung fu movie or another.
ryokan, Aug 25 2009

       Just don't dress them up to resemble Power Rangers or Transformers, please.   

       I picture a Godzilla suit taking out some Tokyo tower blocks.
RayfordSteele, Aug 25 2009

       Bags being shirt guy.
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 26 2009

       The acrobats have to get their butts kicked individually first, of course - and then the construction of the superhero must be an elaborately choreographed production, with lasers and fog machines and heavy echo on the voiceovers and a big brassy fanfare as the lead guy shouts "ACROBAT ACCRETION SUPERHERO!!" (or whatever the Japanese translation is) - thunderclaps optional
smendler, Aug 27 2009


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