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Action Hero Assistance Service

For those situations you just can't plan for.
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A collection of services provided on call, to facilitate getaways, defense from one's nemesis, etc. Examples include the provision of a helicopter to the window of your designation, large bodyguards, Ferraris, and (with a few hours' advance notice) installation of breakaway doors or windows.

Friday afternoon meeting running a little long? Slip out, make that call on your James Bond cellphone, go back in and wait by the window...

Etymon, Jan 26 2004

Or, call these guys... http://www.halfbake...20Personal_20CapCom
[krelnik, Oct 05 2004]


       I can see me getting up and leaving the meeting in a hurry, and my coworkers seeing a caped man fly by the window immediately afterwards........   

       What I can't see is how they would take not being able to find me in the building after that......
normzone, Jan 26 2004

       //For those situations you just can't plan for.//

       Nor hardly explain...
Tiger Lily, Jan 26 2004

       They had one of these systems in place in 80's or 70's. I think they called it the A-Teams. You forgot to mention parachutes, waterbikes, and snowmobiles.
Tangora, Dec 19 2005


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