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Fake Lives

Pretend to be someone you aren't
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Pre packaged fake life available for sale over the counter. Plastic bags filled with all the paper work you'd need: passport, birth certificate, driving license etc. Possible lifes available would include middle aged office worker, bored housewife, heart surgeon etc. V useful for people who have just faked their own death.
imagooAJ, Oct 26 2000

Digicrime presents: http://www.digicrime.com/identity/
Includes AOL password. [jutta, Oct 26 2000]


       I seem to recall that Lord Lucan is the only successful exponent of the "new life" artform. And possibly Elvis, but being seen in so many fastfood locations has possibly been his undoing.
ickledinkle, Jan 10 2001

       Have you found a link yet, Peter? I have this friend.....
Susen, Feb 12 2001

       I think getting anew life would need to include a course, so you can learn who you're supposed to be now.
futurebird, Jul 08 2001

       This would be useful if people keep telling you to 'get a life'.
angel, Jul 09 2001

       Witness Relocation Scheme? Baked, surely.
Guy Fox, Jul 09 2001

       Or, in UK, convicted child-murderers relocation scheme.
'Do you have a criminal record?'
'Well, a friend and I abducted, tortured, and murdered a two-year-old boy and served eight years in a young offenders' centre, but as far as you're concerned, no.'
angel, Jul 09 2001

       how would you stop people, greedy people having two, three or even more lifes (sic) ????
po, Aug 25 2001

       There's a guy works down our chip shop swears he's Elvis...
DaveSt, Aug 25 2001

       other possible lives...saudi flight student
1MilesWest2, Oct 31 2001

       Man, if President Bush sees this idea, you would either be shipped to Afghanistan with Osama or be deported to Iraq to Saddam's palace :-O
NXM, Dec 28 2002

       imagooAJ, you dont spend a lot of time on the black market, do you??   


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