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End Of Life Secrets Disclosure

When you're gonna go who cares what you know?
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The world has loads of secrets known to a few and desired by many. Most exist in restricted military facilities such as Area 51, Wright Patterson and Skunk Works. The information contained within is National Security and is Need To Know, so those who don’t, can’t.

Individuals at the bitter end of life, with sound mind and the financial means may contract with a company that arranges tours within a single secure facility. Demand being high only a dozen or so such tours may be available per year or other period. The fortunate individual is ferried to the facility, fitted to a requisite uniform and to a wheelchair or similar comfortable conveyance, and given a tour of the most secret and tightly controlled projects there.

Questions are answered and secrets freely revealed with viewing of the genuine article where available or pictures when not. The UFO that fell in Roswell, the attendant alien crew, the true top speed and altitude of a certain spy plane, who shot John, any and everything within the purview of that particular organization is made available to the dying individual.

Upon leaving, the enlightened individual is permitted a phone call to their next of kin or significant other with a pre-approved message and is then taken to an end of life facility where their peaceful passing has been professionally arranged.

whatrock, Jan 19 2023

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[DenholmRicshaw, Jan 19 2023]

DINAR https://www.nsa.gov...ed%20a%20Change.pdf
[a1, Jan 25 2023]


       We're having a bit of overuse of MAID here in Canuckistan, as a way for organizations/government to avoid proper disability or end-of-life care.   

       I'd feel better about medically-assisted death if folks were offered this sort of 'Who's really behind the curtain?' experience before they go, courtesy of gazillionaires Jim Pattison, James Irving, Mark Scheinberg, Huang Chalong, Galen Weston, Joseph Tsai, and David Thomson.
Sgt Teacup, Jan 19 2023

       ^ THAT is an excellent addendum!
whatrock, Jan 19 2023

       It would make for a good movie plot.
Undercover agent fakes terminal illness, tweaks the system so as to be assigned full disclosure treatment, and then goes full on Rambo disseminating the goods world wide triggering the great uprising of the masses.
(gotta leave a potential sequel open)

       ~Escape From Euthanalcatraz~   

       Not All Sharks Are In The Water...   

       For a very large section of my life I just assumed when you died you went to a place where all that ever happened was available to peruse. All the dinosaurs, all the conspiracies, all the science, all available to be understood.   

       Later I realized we already know too much when alive and we die as gods.
mylodon, Jan 24 2023

       [+] because it feeds into what i wanted and expected and was later denied. [-] (not actually checked) because they will still tell you their preferred version of history.
mylodon, Jan 24 2023

       //preferred version of history//   

       Doesn't sit well with me.
(to whom it may concern)
Man up.
Own your own shit you depraved cowards.

       Truth will out.   

       The highest priority use of official secrecy is the avoidance of embarrassment. Actually doing anything (nefarious or otherwise) comes *way* down the list.   

       Shall I bore you with my anecdote?
pertinax, Jan 24 2023

       // Man up. Own your own shit you depraved cowards. //   

       :: makes a note to hire [2 fries] at our next TED talk ::
whatrock, Jan 24 2023

       Many years ago, when I was young and unemployed, an engineer friend of mine used to take me around trade shows with a view to helping me find work. At one of these shows, the trade in question was "purveyors to the intelligence community". I can't remember what the official name of the show was, but it was the closest I've ever been, in real life, to the inside of Q's workshop.   

       Anyway, as you would expect, the security around access to the show was *theoretically* tight. I was sternly advised that I would have to present my passport before being allowed in. However, while standing in the queue, I couldn't help noticing that the man in front of me did not present a passport, but only a business card.   

       This piqued my curiosity; I thought "I wonder whether *I* could get away with that". So, leaving my passport in my jacket pocket, I pulled out a business card, which I had printed out a few weeks earlier at a kiosk on a station platform. It was the most basic card that you could imagine, with just my name and, maybe, a phone number, and certainly no photo.   

       And I was waved inside.   

       After the show, I told my friend about this, and he was duly horrified and wrote to the show's organisers, no doubt assuming that some action would be taken.   

       A few years passed, and then an item appeared in the national news about a protest being staged inside that very show by some people opposed to the international arms trade. It seemed that they had got inside in much the same way that I had. And *then* procedures were tightened up.   

       The point is, the people responsible for keeping some quite interesting information out of the hands of, say, terrorists, took no effective action to do so *until* they were made to look foolish in public. Up until that point, pure inertia ruled.
pertinax, Jan 25 2023

       Some 30 years ago, I once accidentally glimpsed the first page of a Secret + Caveat document; the bearer dropped it causing great pandemonium. Apparently, even the existence of the Caveat word was a secret. Thankfully, I've forgotten it, so I haven't been killed.   

       I'll add this to the list for a deathbed read in (linky) to see if was worth all the fuss.
DenholmRicshaw, Jan 25 2023

       // Apparently, even the existence of the Caveat word was a secret //   

       Many have been and some still are. For an oldie but a goodie, see DINAR link.
a1, Jan 25 2023

       //took no effective action to do so *until* they were made to look foolish in public. Up until that point, pure inertia ruled.//   

       Yes but that pure inertia was funded. Much of it through misappropriated funds, ie. 'our tax dollars', or through foreign funds. Meanwhile the *evil* public degenerates trying to make politicians look foolish at (insert time here) were being blackballed and ridiculed as conspiracy theorists while their rights were taken from them...   

       Over, and over, and fucking over again throughout history.   

       ...because a majority of humanity has generational amnesia, is open to suggestibility, craves belonging to a group, and so that vast majority was "HEAVILY" preyed upon while dissenters were silenced...   

       ...well, nothing has changed, has it? The last three years have shown us all that if nothing else.   

       We are, and can do, so much better than this...   

       ...that it's not even funny anymore.   

       //The fortunate individual// the dead sick one on the weelchair using the phone with an armed guy behind ready to professional arrange him. Look his enlighteness, is charming !
piluso, Jan 26 2023

       ^ ?¿ Have we tried turning [piluso] off and back on again?
Sgt Teacup, Jan 28 2023


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