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Action Man's Fluxus Phone

"Hello - Battersea Dogs' Home, take your lobster round the back and unfold your pickled hedge"
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Action Man was a toy soldier which had a pull cord activated voice, that delivered a series of authentic battle commands. The idea is to take this simple technology and supplant it into the latest high-tech mobile phones.

This would mean that on receipt of an unwanted call, one would simply hold the phone at arm's length whilst pulling the cord out repeatedly to deliver a series of pre-recorded drivel. (can also be used to generate text garble)

xenzag, Sep 22 2009

Fluxus http://www.fluxus.org/
whaaaaaat the faaaa?? [xenzag, Sep 22 2009]

"advance in single file" http://en.wikipedia...nceinsinglefile.ogg
click on the "speaker" button to play-back [xenzag, Sep 22 2009]

Action Man http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_Man
Action Man was UK's version of GI Joe figure [xenzag, Sep 22 2009]


       Fluxus? Fluxu!
phoenix, Sep 22 2009


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