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EMF laser

Like EMR bombs, only more concentrated.
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Lasers are concentrated lights, and light is part of the electro-magnetic spectrum, so I imagine if this is not bakeable already, it will be in the near future. The idea is to have a powerful pulse which can be used to disrupt electronic equiptment, but more focused than an EMR bomb. With this product you will be able to pick off a SUV yuppie's cell phone with relative ease and anonymity. While this would be used primarily for cells, it might also works on overly loud stereos. If one's aim is good enough, one may even be able to turn off oncoming hi-beams, turn signals which have been on in excess of ten miles, the possibilities are numerous.

Disclaimer: I have roughly one half of one inkling of what I'm talking about, and readily admit it. Still, I don't mind being corrected and educated.

nick_n_uit, Apr 06 2001

(?) Maser http://www.encyclop...articles/08151.html
Same principle as laser, but with microwaves. [rmutt, Apr 06 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Antipersonnel version http://www.vny.com/...tail.cfm?QID=163207
Ouch. [rmutt, Apr 06 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Plenty of EMP devices are relatively focused, typically with a dish antenna. There are also masers...
egnor, Apr 06 2001

       EMF...........you're unbelievable.(uk one hit wonders in the early 90's)
chimpboy, Apr 06 2001

       Peter: okay, thought i inferred that i was aware that all lasers are em lasers when i said that light was part of the electromagnetic spectrum. the idea i was going for was to make it at 'the' frequency that messes up circuits. i was thinking emf was em frequency for some reason. at least i didn't ask for an emr laser. the idea is not so much a weapon as a device to get rid of the distractions of other drivers. i don't like the idea of tossing bombs at other drivers, or of using a traditional, visible-spectrum laser, because i'm trying to make it indiscreet.   

       so, to build on my original idea, a laser which shoots multiple em pulses outside of the visible-light range. also, i seem to have magically eluded the i-bomb links. finally, i'd like to apoligize for my keyboarding in advance, as my keyboard is falling victim to a slowly spreading, debilitating disease of some type. now i have to go to the character map every time i need something which was accessed by the shift key.   

       waugs: braver? well, that's not quite the adjective i had in mind, but i'll take it.
nick_n_uit, Apr 07 2001


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