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cell phone ejection

if your cell phone rings in a theater, automatic and immediate ejection from theater
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simple enough, if a phone rings a big security guard comes down and throws the person out and the phone in the garbage.
raisin, Sep 26 2000

Theater sniper http://www.halfbake...ea/Theater_20sniper
Hit the deck! [thumbwax, Sep 26 2000]

Exploding cell phone http://www.halfbake...ding_20Cell_20Phone
I hate cell phones too. [AfroAssault, Sep 26 2000]

Pocket Cell Phone Jammer -- For Real http://www.starportuk.com/21.htm
"The would be mobile user standing within range of your Wave-Shield is none the wiser. They just think they have a poor or non-existent signal. Both their incoming and outgoing calls are mysteriously terminated and the phone displays 'no service'." [bristolz, Mar 29 2002]

Global Telephone Access Improves As Internet Gap Widens http://www.itu.int/...leases/2002/05.html
"The year 2002 will also be remembered as the one when mobiles surpassed fixed lines. Currently, 97 countries have more mobile users than fixed-lines and almost 1 in 6 people on the planet have mobiles." [bristolz, Apr 04 2002]


       For repeat offenders, I can think of other, more mechanically challenging things to do with a person and a cell phone.   

       (For one, it would finally provide a convincing advantage of small, round Nokias over big, flat, flip-top Motorolas.)
ping, Sep 26 2000

       This may be more satisfying for the other people if the seats themselves were cellphone-activated ejector seats. ring ring ring WHOOSH!! and the offender disappears through the ceiling. Of course that may be distracting, which would be a problem in theatres and cinemas. In that case the seats could be placed on cellphone-activated trap doors.
Skinny Rob, Oct 05 2000

       I thought the Motorola V was the smallest phone you could get....
imagooAJ, Nov 09 2000

       How about tasers in the seat cushions? With the right capacitance, you can short out the phone.
nick_n_uit, Nov 10 2000

       How about locating the person in the hall and electroshocking (trought the chair), by remote control. (Only the right person, hi, hi, hi).
leo14m3, Mar 29 2002

       Not just theaters, but restaurants and libraries, too.
mrthingy, Mar 29 2002

       cellphonus rantus ad nauseum infinitum
bristolz, Mar 29 2002

       interesting idea, although PeterSealeys idea about the phone jammer could be amusing coz I doubt that anybody would guess to complain, and just think it would be bad reception.
kaz, Mar 29 2002

       Throwing them out of the theater is one thing. Causing harm and destroying property is another.   

       Rant - hurt people who do X.
bookworm, Jun 24 2002


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